Eye to Eye 1

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I woke up for school to the tune of my mother shouting to my door begging for me to wake up. I rolled out of bed and cleared the clutter from my burgundy colored hardwood floor. I stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed a clear bowl from the inside of the pantry then opened the freezer. A rush of cold air brushed my face and gave me chills. They crawled up my spine and lingered onto my neck. I grabbed a pint of my favorite ice cream, rocky road, and forced a spoon inside of the box and rubbed my finger around the spoon to remove it. It plopped into the bowl.

I went to my room and placed the bowl on the edge of my night stand and neared to my closet. I grabbed a pair of my ripped black skinny jeans and my white "Nevermind" Nirvana shirt. I got dressed and went to the bathroom to wash my face. My purple makeup bag was inside the marble drawers and I clutched it to my wrist.

I put grey mat eyeshadow on and lined my water line with black eyeliner pencil. Looking for my liquid eyeliner, my makeup bag was making faint clinking noises. I winged my top lid with the eyeliner and lined my lips with a violet lip liner. I put a plum purple Mac lipstick on and transparent lip gloss over it. After I filled in my eyebrows, I brushed my teeth with Colgate 3-D Whitening toothpaste.

I ran to my room and put on my black on black high top Coverse. I grabbed my floral black Vans backpack and went to the living room. I took my keys off of the hook and walked out of the house. "LOVE YOU!" My mom shouted before I left. "LOVE YOU TOO!" I replied and got in my jet black Mini Cooper.

On my way to school, I picked up my friend Jestine, Jes I call her, and drove to school. It was the first day of being a junior. When we got to school, we walked together like bad asses. Jes had a Blink 182 shirt on, blue torn shorts, red Doc Martins, and a red and black flannel around her waist. We picked up our schedules and I went to my locker.

I had to force open my locker and then I shoved everything I didn't need inside it. I sprayed my self with cheep perfume and headed towards my first period class, gym. When I got there, I saw a guy with red hair in black jeans and an Iron Maiden shirt on. He looked back at me. I got butterflies in my stomach. He was really cute. He had green eyes. We stared at each other, eye to eye. He smirked.

I couldn't stop starring at him. The bell rang. Jes and I had gym together so my sat on the floor in the corner by the boy with the red hair. He was two people away from us. There were a lot of lectures that the coach was announcing. I didn't pay attention. I was still caught up on the guy with red hair. "BOYS! I KNOW ITS HARD BUT TRY NOT TO STARE AT THE GIRLS EVERY SECOND DURING GYM." Coach Stuart, said. I saw the boy in the Iron Maiden shirt look back at me and smiled. This was just like a movie. He was really cute. I could not stand it.

We had the choice to walk or play dodgeball. I chose to walk. Jes was curious. "So! Whose the kid with the red hair? I mean it's obviously dyed." "I don't really know to be honest." I said with a partial giggle. "He's kinda cute." I said as I looked back at him. His hands were tucked in his pocket and he looked back. Once again we were eye to eye. "Oh. Yeah he is." Jes said. "HEY! HES MINE." I said while I nuged my elbow at her. He laughed. "OMG! I THINK HE HEARD THAT." Jestine said during a laugh. We talked for a while longer and then to bell rang. I went to the locker bay and grabbed my items that u needed for my biology class.

When I got to class, he was there. I was really excited. "Okay class. We are gonna' go around and introduce ourselves to the others. So get up and shift around." I stopped at "red hair" first. "Hi! I'm Cat. My favorite color is green and I like comedy movies." I explained. I couldn't stop smiling. "Well I'm Mikey. I also admire the color green and I like your shirt!" My knees were week. He was Australian. His raspy voice was perfect. "I like y-yours too!" I stuttered. " Ha! You're really cute."

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