Stay Awake

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Keep your eyes open,

Don't let them close;

Don't let the murderous winter take effect.

You're stronger than this,

My angel, mine.

So stay awake,

For me,

For me. 

I know it hurts, 

But the pain soon will pass,

You'll see much prettier things.

This earth is dull, and grey,

But you light it up with your smile.

So stay awake,

For me,

For me.

The night is long,

And the shadows prowl.

Digging in and scuffling about.

Cicadas cry and wolves howl.

So stay awake,

For me,

For me.

Your skin is pale,

It matches the moon.

Your body's rigid and cold.

Your tears fall,

With solemn grace,

LIke from that of a queen.

So stay awake,

For me,

For me.

But now it's time.

You quiver with pain,

It's too much to bear,

To watch you writhe.

So close your eyes,

and go to sleep.

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