I Guess Its Like That

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Mouse pov

I Just Got Done Fooling Around With Jayda And I Gotta Admit I Feel Guilty Asf. I Just Went Off About Somebody Being A Thot When I'm The Only One Messing Around. I Gotta Cut Jayda Off Fr This Time, but First I Got Some Business To Take Care Of. I Got Up To Go Look For Talisa.

Jayda: Where You Going Baby?

Mouse: Before I Leave, I Might As Well Get This Over With. What Don't You Understand That You A Thot! You A Side Hoe Learn How To Play Your Role. So Don't Be Calling Me Baby And Shit. Got it?

She Just Sat There Looking Dumb Asf. I Can Tell She Was Mad But I Really Didn't Care. I Gotta Go Make Things Right.

Talisa pov

The Whole Time I Was There I Was A Little Uncomfortable But Where Else Was I Gonna Go? We Were Sitting On His Bed Watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta And Just Talking About The Show.

Him: Joseline Look So Good I Swear.

Me: Ugh She Is Disgusting. She Need A Coochie Disinfectant Or Something.

Him: You Just Mad You Don't Look Like Her.

Me: Noo I'm Happy With What I Look Like.

As We Finished Watching The Show It Was Getting Late So I Decided. It Was Time For Me To Go Home. He Walked Me Outside To Say Bye.

Davion: I Had A Real Cool Time We Should Do This More

He Was Flashing his Million Dollar Smile Which Made Me Blush A Little Bit.

Me: Yea I Had Fun Too and Maybe I'll Be Back.

Him: Watchu Mean Maybe? You Gon Play Me Like that? I Thought We Was Cool.

I Burst Out Laughing At His Stupidity But Before I Could Say Anything He Kissed Me. I Couldn't Help Myself And Kissed Him Back. But It Didn't Feel Right, It Didn't Have That Same Spark I Had With Mouse. Before I Could Break Our Kiss I Heard Screeching Tires. I already Knew Who it Was.

Mouse pov.

I Was Looking All Over The Place For This Girl And I Couldn't Find Her. I Could See In The Distance A Couple Kissing In The Rain, The Whole Time I Was Wishing That Was Me And Talisa. When I Got Closer The Girl Looked Familiar. I Realized That Is Was Her And I Could Feel Myself Getting Angry. I Stopped The Car Grabbed My Gun And Got Out.

Me: So This The Nigga You Was Messing Around With?

Her: It's Not Even Like That.

Davion: Betta Take Yo Punk Ass On With That Shit Nigga.

Me: So You Think I'm Playing Or Some Shit?

I Pulled Out And Put It On His Temple. I Could See His Legs Shaking.

Me: Now Who The Punk Bitch?

Her: Mouse Stop!

Talisa pov.

With All The madness Happening I Was Feeling A Little Light Headed. But While Mouse And Davion Were Going At It, I Didn't Know If It Was Just Me But I Saw A White Van Circle Around The Neighborhood About 4 Times Since I Been Here. All Of Sudden I Heard A Big Boom And Saw 4 people With Mask On Hop Out The Van. I Heard Someone Yell Get The Girl. I Blacked Out The Last Thing I Saw Was A Gun To Mouse And Davions Head And The Sound Of Gunshots.

??? Pov

That Bitch Really Thought I Was Gonna Let Her Get Away. I Got Eyes Everywhere.

So I Decided To Cut This Book Short So Only A Few More Chapters Left But There Will Be A Book 2!


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