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   One morning, i wake up, and my necklace, the one given to me at birth, is still around my neck and seems to feel warmer than yesterday. "This might be the day!" I jump out of bed and get ready... twice... and head off to school, and feel its stone getting warmer as i walk closer, as usual. As i reach campus, i follow the warmth of it until it leads me to a flock of girls wearing long jeans, and dark uniform shirts. "This cannot be..." i whisper as i recall that the stone gets warmer/colder as the wearer gets closer to their soul mate, so there are not as many heart breaks as our ancestors have had. As i see the girls in dark, i quickly scan for a bright color, or a pop of life in that group of darkness and solitude. I see none... why did the stone lead me here? There must be a programing error in the heating/cooling conduit inside the carved blue stone necklace. I look again, for someone who feels their stone getting hot. I see one girl, girl say her necklace is starting to hurt from the heat, so i run over and touch the stones together. They turn blue, which means we have found our 'other half' and i look to her beautiful brown eyes, and say, "my names Robert" and i grin, she says her name is Alyssa, we exchange numbers, and the rest is history...

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