Chapter One, My Shy Baby

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I was the new student in school. The bad boy. My name is Reese Outley.  I was walking down the hallway when suddenly every single girl came running up to me when they first saw me. Except for one little flower sitting alone in the corner outside crying. Why was she sitting outside when it was raining?

"Ok ladies, I got to go. See ya girls around." I flashed a quick wink and smile. I walked over to the little flower sititng down. "Hey flower. Why are you crying?" She quickly looked up at me. "Oh, I just-" I honestly couldnt hear her. I sat down next to her in the corner. I stroked her cheek and he turned her head to look at me. "What was that flower?" I asked her. "I'm just cold and alone. I forgot to bring a jacket." She said frowning and still crying. I took off my sweatshirt and stood up. I grabbed her hand and helped her stand up. She was wearing blue skinny jeans and a black shirt with the words, "Lonely," written on it. I helped her put on the sweatshirt.

I then looked at her in her eyes. "Better baby?" I asked her. "Yeah, thank you." She said. "Sill feel lonely little flower?"

"Very." She said back to me crying. I put my hands on her waist. She was very skinny. She looked up at me and blushed HELLA red. "Better baby?" I asked her She didnt say anything. I bent down a tiny bit because she was shorter than me. I kissed her on her bright cheeks and walked away. The bell finally rung and I went to my first peroid class.

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