Lets Get Going

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Olivia's POV: Last time you heard from me I was 17. Well times have changed. I'm now 23 years old and loving life. I graduated high school with the love of my life. I spent the two last two months I had of summer with my family before I headed off to college. I went to the University of Central Florida and studied physical therapy. And yes me and Jake are still together and are madly in love. Even the four years we were apart we still managed to stay together and when we came home from school we spent every minute together. You are all probably dyeing to know how my parents and siblings are. Well once I graduated high school both my mom and dad retired from WWE. Every once in awhile they make appearances at Raw just to check up on everyone. And not long after Blake was born they got married. The wedding was just breath taking and just what my mom in visioned. As for my siblings well Johnny is now 14 crazy I can't believe it. He is starting high school and is the most handsome young man ever and is an amazing football player still wanting dad's approval. Annabella my little love is 8 years old. She is in 2nd grade and loves school. She wanted to be just like her big sister and does dance and soccer and loves it. Any chance I get I go and watch them play. And how could I forget Blake he is now 6. He is just a sweet heart and the last piece to our family. What you don't know is not long after Blake was born Aunt Brie and Uncle Bryan announced that they were expecting. They had an adorable baby girl named Sophia. And along with being her big cousin I am her godmother. Getting back to me and Jake. While I was in college my last two years of school I started to train with WWE. As a graduation gift Stephanie and Triple H signed me with NXT along with Jake. We are so excited to start with them next month. Me and Jake are sharing an apartment in Orlando so we are close to the performance center. But along with good times come bad times. A little over a year ago Nana passed away. Mom was a mess as was I. Mom looked up to Nana so much and just admired her as did I. She always had the best advice and could always make me smile. We think about her every day and are happy she is in a better place watching over us with Pop-pop. I have also lost all contact with my sister and birth family. At times I miss her and just want her back with me but there's nothing I can do. So that's basically a summary of what has gone on over these apart few years. Right now me and Jake are heading out to San Diego to visit mom and dad and the rest of the family.

Ja) Liv you ready yet? Our flight leaves in an hour.

O) Yeah one second. (Liv said while running around their apartment trying to get her stuff together. Once she did they were good.)

Ja) You good, you have everything you need?

O) Yes let's go my love.

Ja) As you wish my queen!


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