Chapter 2 - Thursday Morning

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Chapter 2 – Thursday Morning

The weak sunlight striking my face woke  me up. I opened my eyes, blinked sleepily and rubbed them off of sleep. Oh, thursday, huh. I took a quick glance around my room and looked at the clock beside my bed. 5:52am. Man, it's too early. I grabbed a pillow below my feet and cuddled it. I was about to close my eyes when..


The door suddenly flew open, revealing my mother in her working attire and slippers, wearing her favorite yellow apron. She's holding a spatula in her left hand while her right hand in her waist. Still lying in the bed, I groaned and  turned to the other side, trying  to go back to sleep.

"Morning, Kenji and No. Get your ass up there and get down. It's already 6 in the morning and you'll be late if dont start preparing NOW.", She half-scolded with her torquiose eyes, that I inherited from her, glaring at me while swinging the spatula with her gestures. I stirred a bit and hugged the pillow tighter.

"Yes mom! Be there in five minutes!", I shouted with pleading in my voice. Ugh, knowing my mom, my pleading wont reach her.

"NO. Ok, stay there or I'll make your siste-..."

"Ok, ok, just dont summon the devil in my room." I cut her off knowing she would bring my sister here to wake me up. Geez, mom really knows best, huh. Mom left and closed the door. I lazily got up in my slippers and went to my bathroom.


I closed the door behind me just in time Dom, my six-year old little brother,came out of his room with his teddy bear. I took him in my arms and kissed his forehead.

"Ohayou! (Good morning) How's sleep?", I asked, while carrying him in my chest. Dom faced me with a smile.

"Good, oniichan (brother)!", he said and hugged me in my neck. We came down the stairs and headed to the dining room.

"Ohayou minna.", and they greeted the back. Mom was busy with the microwave, while dad was sipping his coffee and a newspaper in hand. Yuki, my elder sister, is nowhere in sight. Woah, that's unusual for her. I dropped sit Dom in his usual chair beside dad and I took mine. Mom served the roast chicken and we dig in.


"'We'll be going!." I shouted after wearing my shoes and eyeglasses in place and headed towards the door. 

"Be careful on the way, honey!", mom sang back. I closed the door and jogged towards the white montero sport. Dom was in the seat beside dad, so that meant I sat in the passenger seat. I wore the seatbelt and we drove off.

"So dad, where's Yuki? She's nowhere to be seen this morning.", I asked out of the blue after like ten minutes of staring in the window.

"Your sister left when your mother woke you up. She said she"ll be having a major report in her first period so she needs to leave early sho she can prepare.", dad said while he turned in a corner, revealing Dom's school gate. I nodded in response. We droppped by there and dad led Dom in his classroom. Soon after, we were heading to Elli Cam. Man, if they just knew. Yuki might be with her boyfriend to help her out.


I walked through the hallways filled with other students chattering and running about. As I made my way to the volleyball team's locker room to get my books, I saw Jerric and Louisa heading towards me. I smiled and waved my hand weakly to them.

Jerric came and saw that he's reading a manga. He glanced at me and closed the manga. "Yo Max!", and we did a brofist.

"Morning, bavarian! Oh, does it still hurts?", Louisa asked as she approached me, pointing his finger in her left temple. I shook my head in answer. We now started walking again.

"Did you guys heard the rumors?", Louisa asked all of a sudden making Jerric and I to stare at her in question while walking.

"The way your faces looked, Im considering it as a 'no'.", Louisa crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Seriously? What's about this rumor that got Louisa Ardhen's ears perked up? Usually she doesnt mind those stuffs.

I looked at Jerric with the stare and he quickly picked up and said, "No I dont. And surely you dont as well, do you?", and pointed a finger at me. I shook my head. Louisa sighed and neared us and looked around as if like inspecting that somebody would hear our conversation. 

"Rumors said, or should I say a video record is now spreading in the whole school, which concerns two students from Elli Cam - a boy and a girl. The video was blurry, though, but the girl is suspected to be Joanne from the cheerleading squad and the boy that's concerned i-"

I was then bumped by something...or rather someone. I fell to the floor with a thud, landing on my butt (again) causing my eyeglasses to fall. Wth do I always have to fall with my butt first? Luckily I dont have my eyeglasses yesterday.

I winced in pain and groaned. With my slightly blurry vision, I saw a figure similiar to...him? No, impossible. This cant be. My face suddenly felt like burning. My chest started heaving as my breaths became short and rigid. I covered my face with my hand, head down. Only one person could make me feel these things at the same time. I hope they didnt saw my face! Ugh. Maxwell get a hold of yourself!

"Hey, watch where yo-huh? Maxwell... Mendiola?!". It was really his voice. That familiar deep husky voice of his. I remained in my position until Louisa and Jerric helped me get up. I didnt know what to react now! Oh sht! Man up Max!

"Here's your eyeglasses, moron", he handed it to me but Louisa grabbed and gave it to me. Once I placed my eyeglasses in place, I thought time had stopped. Not because we caught the attention of almost all the students around but,  Erickson's face is so close to mine. I took a step back and both Louisa and Jerric took a step forward.

"Back off, De Leon!", Jerric threatened. Louisa just grabbed my wrist. Now I can feel the tension in the air. I looked up to see Erickson smirking and his electric blue eyes with amusement. Damn, this jerk. Why does he has to be m-

The bell rang and everybody started moving swiftly to go to their first periods except the four of us. Jerric is still glaring at Erickson like he's gonna kick his ass off.  I patted Jerric's shoulder, "Im fine. Dont make a scene now. That'd be stupid". He turned to me and raised a brow.

"Don't worry Lopez, as much as I want to cause a scene here, Im off to my first period now. So if you may excuse me.", Erickson said, amusement evident in his face.  He started walking towards my direction and I cant help but to avert my eyes to the floor.

Suddenly, he stopped walking when he's right beside me and lowered his head a bit like he's about to whisper something. And he did.

"You look manly and cuter without glasses". His breath with smells of mint and apple brought tingles in my spine, causing me to shiver. He continued walking with hands on his pockets. I watched as his back retreated.

"Bastard." Jerric muttered still glaring at him. Louisa had her arms in her hips and rolled her eyes, "That guy's totally a jerk... and a weirdo". 

I turned to Louisa and I nodded in agreement with her comment.. I started wallking and they did as well. I sighed and I didnt know if im relieved that my body is back to normal, or just simply missing him already.

"Yeah, always driving me crazy and making me flustered.", I muttered under my breath.


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