Chapter 4: discovering the truth

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I lean on the door, my head began to pound and I started to sweat. It got hot all the sudden, as I fell to the ground. Not knowing what was happening because I had lost my temper many times before and this had never happened. The pain throbbing in my head for a good ten minutes as the heat felt like int was rising, then it stopped. The heat and pain left as soon as it came. Underlying confused my stomach let out a great GOWL and with that the first thing that popped into my mind is food and then answers.

Quickly I ran upstairs to change my clothing, unfortunately my favorite hoodie got destroyed in the blast so I grabbed the next best thing; which in fact was my leather jacket. For being in a coma for two weeks I felt ten times better than I usually did on a great day my flaming red hair looked good, and my face was clear of pimples which was the highlight of that explosion for me. Slinging my black jacket over my red tank top and lacing up my high heel combat boots over my dark blue skinny jeans I felt like a new person who was leaking confidence. I even decided to ride my motor cycle to my favorite eatery, mainly because it was my fastest mode of transportation to my food and my hover board was busted (thank you explosion).

The wind rushing through my hair and hitting my face felt cool and refreshing, almost like flying. During the two weeks I was comatose the school year had ended and it was now summer vacation. Which always meant teenagers are everywhere, at every store, cafe, hotdog stand,and alley way ( the ones in the alleys where most likely getting high or stoned). I used to always dread summer because of the reason of if I went outside I would have to be social, but today was different. Today I wanted to see how many people missed me or at least had knowledge of the incident. The looks I got when people saw me get off my bike was priceless, they were al staring with their mouths wide open catching flies, and I was loving every minute of it. Because i got the satisfaction of being noticed for once instead of bleeding into the background, which is kind of hard to do with hair brighter than the crimson moon that shied every night. Even entering the Jo's eatery people were starring at me like they were seeing A: a ghost or B: a really pretty person, but it couldn't be the second choose. Jo turned around from the pizza oven holding a big cheesy crust pepperoni pizza, when he saw me it dropped to the floor and he started to cry tears of happiness. I guess he missed a loyal customer.

Jo was about middle age with curly brown hair that matched his big bushy mustache, his green eyes were a little faded with brown specs in them. He was about 6' foot tall and had a beer belly the size of a barge. Always caring a smile on his chubby face he acted like a father to almost every one, however he was extremely protective of me. He was more of a father to me that my real dad, so it was natural for him to favor me over other customers.

Instantly he got out from behind the counter and gave me a big hug, picking up from the ground and squeezing me until my face turned purple, you could hear his sobs from two shops over in all directions. I could hardly let out the words, " Jo your killing me." His deep voice let out a wail but he lightened up a bit on the hug, now I could say with great pleasure "can you please clam down a bit your freaking out your customers" instantly his sobbing stopped and he regained most of his dignified stature, he even let out a big laugh. Now with a big grin he said," I greatly joyful that you are not harmed by that horrible accident that occurred those many days ago, and you seem to be in good health my darling Nut Meg. Now what can I get you or have you just come to see your favorite chef in the Red lands?" My stomach let out another big GROWL and with that I said,"Two large pretzels bites and your biggest burger on the menu." He looked into my big brown eyes and with a loud below he said,"anything for you my dreary, you must be really staving."

It takes me less than half an hour to finish my food. I paid Jo with half of my most resent pay check, which it got the evening before the explosion. I spend about thirty dollars on gas and I'm off to the labs to get some answers. The ride was a lot shorter than it would be on me hover board so in no time I'm there. When I walked in the building there was a chill in the air mainly because buildings like this are usually cold, but the chill seemed much creepier today then it did all that time ago. The man at the front desk looked at me and his face turned white, he immediately picked up the phone and made a call, his hands were shaking and sweat started to pour down his face. It was like he had seen a ghost. Before I could even speak a word he said in a nervous toon,"you're one of those girls from the explosion, aren't you?" "Why yes, yes I am. Now is their any one I can talk to to learn exactly what happened?" I replied. The air started to fell a bit warmer. "I figured you would want to know I called the head of the building, someone will be here shortly to take you to his office." "Thank you." Then I sat down in the waiting area and waited for someone.

Fifteen minutes passed until some one came to get me, we walked for a good five minutes until we got to the main office. When I walked in a man was sitting behind a big official looking desk, his face was covered in wrinkles and his hair was as white as snow, a big pair of glasses where sitting on the end of his nose and you could clearly see his large grey eyes. He looked sad, and he said to me with clam clear words," my dear I'm so sorry that this horrible accident occurred, please take a seat." He motioned with his hand to one of the chairs across form his desk, and I sat down in it. He then said," I was heart broken to witness the accident myself, even more so to learn that the little sister of my best employee was stuck right in the middle of it. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes, I bet you want to know what happened." I nodded and replied with a simple,"yes sir." and he he continued." Apparently the scientist in the lab where the explosion happened were working in a project for an unknown buyer, you see this laboratory not only does project of the kingdom but for people that need thing done of the right amount of money and the buyer paid lots of it. The scientist were close to finishing it two when one of them put the wrong amount of chemicals in the mixture and, BOOM. Bye, bye experiment. Every one who was in the lab was killed, and I'm just glad that you and the other children that got stuck in the middle of the blast are okay. I even paid the hospital bills and have to compensate you and your friends. By the way are the other two lovely ladies awake too."

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