It had been three days since I last talked to my brother, zayn. We would always ignore each other after that fight we had over harry. I would still see him watching me making sure I wouldn't get hurt but besides that, we would ignore each other.

I knock on his bedroom door, the rock music soon stopping before the door is flung opened. There he stands shirtless with a roased eyebrow. He leans against the door frame as if thinking 'this will be interesting'

I throw myself at him, kissing him all over his face "oh zaynie! I'm so so so so soooo sorry!" I say hugging him tight

"L-lou...cho-chocking!!" He gasps out make me apologize and pull away. He chuckles brushing away my fringe from my eyes.

"hurry up and get ready" zayn laughs pushing me off him, I pout but stand up and walk to my room.

"Hi!" I wave to liam as he closes his locker and walks towards me. He returns a warm smile.

"Hello, louis. How are you?" He asks

"Good, you know for someone who is Harry's best friend. You sure don't hangout with him a lot" I point out making him shrug

"Harry...he has changed" liam says as we continue walking.

"Hey louis!" I turn around watching Jonathan and Marsha. Tominators. Their happy expresses soon change to an angry and confused ones. I frown wondering what's up when I notice their eyes on liam. Oh..

Before I know it, liam is being slammed against the lockers by Jonathan.

"Jonny! No stop! Leave him alone" I yell making them quickly stop and let liam fall to the ground.

"Was he bothering you?" Marsha asks, I shake my head slowly.

"Did he hurt you?!" Jonathan asks. I furiously shake my head again.

"Wait...then why are you with him?" They ask, what did I say? What ever I said, they would obviously tell zayn.

"Ms.Marks put us as partners" I pretend to groan while rolling my eyes

"Oh really? I feel bad for you. She's a bitch! We should stick around before this asshole does anything stupid" jonathan says, Marsha nodding her head in agreement.

"Oh um no, its okay...I really don't want distractions" I say. They don't seem convinced but they go with it.

Looking at each other, they turn to me again "Alright but call us if you need anything" Marsha says before leading the way, jonathan following behind. And purposely bumping shoulders with liam.

Liam turns his mouth in a 'O' mouthing woah.

"Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

"No I'm fine, thanks"

"No problem, sorry about that. Zayns really protected over me"

"I've noticed, he's protected over everyone"

everyone? What did he mean by everyone? Zayn didn't have 'feelings'


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