~Chapter 3~

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-at the cafeteria-

"And that's what you call procrastinating."said Sophia.

"You know you really should stop doing your homeworks here you know. Cramming is bad."reign said.

"But they're too many! So Hard!"Sophia complained.

"Try doing those homeworks at home. Too hard? Or too lazy or tired coz you've been on your phone all night?"reign said.

"Hmmmm....partly."said Sophia.

"Reign is right. Stop doing those in school ....or at least just do 1 or 2 in school and do the rest at home."I said .

"Why are you encouraging her?"said reign.

"I'm not encouraging her!"I exclaimed.

"Then what are you doing?"reign asked.

"She has a life you know. Maybe for all we know she's busy texting or Dm-ing or pm-ing someone."I said.

Raeann looked at me and only then did I realize what I just said. My eyes widened...wait OMG...what if...... We both turned to Sophia.

" What?! Why?! Don't look at me like that! Look I'm only in a relationship with my phone ok? Ok."she said.

We both burst into a long laugh.

"Haahhaahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahahahahahhhahaaahahah ha I'm so sorry I was thinking of something else hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahhahah....."reign said in between laughs.

"Hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahah me too hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahhahah ahahahahahah...."I said.

I couldn't contain my laugh.

"Look at you you look like a stick already."I said( LOL ).

Sophia looked really furious. She threw a notebook at me yet t didn't hit me. It hit someone else in the face causing her to fall down.

"Ouch!"the girl said.

Oh no....for once I'm sad the notebook didn't hit me...wait.....then again maybe not..LOL just kidding. I stood up and offered my hand to help her up.

"Are you ok?"I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine."she said.

"Hey Sophia, watch where you throw ok?"I said.

She just rolled her eyes at me.

"I apologize for my friend throwing a notebook at you. She tends to throw things at people when she's mad."I said.

"I can see that."she said.

I slapped my forehead .

"Ughh...where are my manners? Hi! I'm Jessinica but you can call me Jessie. Nice to meet you!"I said.

"Yeah, I know you."she said.

What? How can she possibly know me....

"Uhhhhh how do you know me? I mean have we met?"I asked.

"No we haven't, but you're a varsity player in swimming right?"she said .

"Uhmmmm...yeah why?"I said.

"My aunt is your swimming coach. She told me you're her best player. In every competition you always don't fail to own the gold medal. Is that right?"she said.

Wow... I can't believe my coach says those things about me to other people.

"Yeah that's right. And uhh.. Well I'm very flattered. What's your name?"I said

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