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The shrill sound of a toddler screaming was enough to wake Montgomery up that Monday morning. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy about it. She drowsily scratched her head, but as she tried to remove her hand from her hair, she found that she can't. She groaned and threw the burning laptop that would probably leave a mark on her thighs for day next to her, and walked into her bathroom. She slowly detangled her rat's nest of hair, and with it, released her fingers. She sighed, grabbed a nearby brush and began the long process of brushing her hair. Not only was Montgomery's hair curly, but also thick, which is a recipe for disaster.

When she was done taming the beast that is Montgomery Wilson's hair, she walked back into her room and looked at her laptop she had thrown aside (not literally, she couldn't afford that). It was still logged into Wattpad, the wonderful, distracting, and horrific reading site that Montgomery invested her spare time on. She plopped down on the bed and began to log off, when she noticed someone had responded to her comment. She instantly clicked on the notification, wondering why someone would reply to her.

lhem1996: thanks love! it means a lot! -l

Montgomery reread it a dozen times before she could believe her eyes. He responded.

"He responded," she whispered. She smiled widely and began her reply back.

username ((a/n: sorry i can't think of one lol)): you're welcome! i think your books are fantastic. you're a great writer! -m

Montgomery sighed as she sent it, knowing that it was a one-time thing that he would respond. Response from the Luke Hemmings was unprecedented. He was the best author on the darned site and Montgomery was sure that he knew it. Her favorite was his most recent book, the one she commented on, Thin Ice. Montgomery suspected the whole book was a metaphor about life, but she wasn't so sure. She loved his writing because it was child-like, almost, but refined at the same time. She wished she knew someone as complicatedly simple as him. But alas, she did not.

You could say she was "in love" with him. You'd be wrong, of course, but you could make that assumption. Well, maybe she was. But she was more in love with his work than anything. So, naturally, if you love something that much, you kind of subconsciously fight for it. That, Montgomery was sure, was what happened to her. And maybe, Luke was fighting, too. Because that morning, at precisely 7:21 am, he replied again. Montgomery was in shock, to say the least. She managed to read his comment, though.

lhem1996: you're so sweet. i thought no one read these things haha

username: if by 'no one' you mean 85k people, then yes, no one reads your books.

lhem1996: you're funny too hah! what's your name?

username: i have an unnecessarily long name, so i just go by m. and you're luke.

lhem1996: that i am. well, m, i have to leave for school, but let's chat in a few hours, yeah? :)

username: yeah, to both questions.

lhem1996: see you in seven hours, mysterious m.

username: seven hours, lhem.

"Montgomery! You're going to be late!" Montgomery heard her mum call.

"Of course!" She replied before logging off Wattpad. "Be down in a second!"

As she rushed around that morning, she just couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

"Seven hours," she repeated. "Luke Hemmings."

"Is that a boy at your school, dear?" Her mum asked.


Never had school been so long. And never had Montgomery felt so alive as she did that day.


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