Chapter 7 Dinner With The Devil

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Chapter 7

Dinner With The Devil

Zack's POV

I sat to the right of Alexia, and to the left of Abaddon. The devil seemed uncomfortable with the silence as did Abaddon, where as I found it comforting. Alexia seemed indifferent about it.

"Sooooo..." Abaddon began, obviously trying to clear the tension. "Did you meet everyone?" She asked me.

I simply nodded in response, which seemed to anger dear old mom. "Can you please use you're words? It's ok to speak!" She said annoyed and I reenforced my blank face and stared at her until she lowered her gaze to her food. I herd Satan snicker at his wife.

"That's gotta be a first." The devil snickered.

"What's got to be a first?!" Abaddon asked sarcastically.

"Someone making you lower your gaze, because their gaze is too intense for you." Satan laughed and Abaddon glared at him making him drop his gaze and instantly stop laughing.

"So what do you two actually do?" Alexia asked.

"Absolutely nothing. It's boring as fuck." Lucifer said dramatically.

"Really? I thought you ruled hell." Alexia persisted.

"Who the fuck told you that?! I only do three things in this realm, sleep, watch Disney movies, and play games." Lucifer said a little insulted.

"Then why do you live in this castle?" Alexia persisted.

"Because I won it in a poker game. I'll tell you though humans make some good shit." Lucifer said.

"I thought you hate humans." Alexia said.

"Oh I do. I absolutely despise them, I would kill them all if I was aloud to. But since I can't, I just go to the human world In search of cool places and things. Like this past weekend, I went to my first nightclub and then I went to a FUN concert. Plus I got a cool iPhone, I have absolutely no idea how to use it or what a iPhone is, but it looked cool. So now it's mine." Lucifer said.

"Who told you not to kill the humans?" I asked and everybody was silent.

"A lot of people. But mainly my wife and dear old mom." Lucifer said. "After I rebelled, mommy put me in the corner for 100 millennia." Lucifer said.

Unbelievable, this guy is a immature child in a grown man's body.

"Who's "mom?" Alexia asked.

"The mother goddess." Lucifer said with a mouthful of food.

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