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I beg you not to go.

I scream for you to stay.

But you say you've got to go

Zach please just stay!

You got in that car that day and you never got out alive. I told you not to do it said it was your doom but your brother was in the car already and wouldn't get out. Did I do the right thing should I have just gone too? But what amount of good would that do? Cuz then we'd both be dead and our parents left alone.

You said you'd call me when you got home...I got a call from your phone but it wasn't you, you never made it home....

I answer the phone heart beating happy it was you but the voice on the other end I know, does not belong to you. It's Valentine and he's breathless.

Everything's a blur my stomachs in my throat and my heart where my stomach should be as he says what comes next.

It all feels like a horrible dream. I tell myself this can't be happening.

"Zach bleeding really bad and he won't open his eyes. Zane is unconscious but still breathing" -Valentine

"Where are you?" -me

He tells me and I race there not knowing what to expect. My hearts gunning like it's about to hop out my chest. I get there an I collapse seeing you lying there on the pavement slowly bleeding to death. Valentines skipped out. Scared of cops, after all he was drunk at the age of 15 and driving illegally.

I cannot stand so I crawl over to where you are I pull you up into my arms and hold you close. You're breathing but it's shallow. You open your eyes and manage a smile weakly you say "it's you. You're here. My guardian angel." I tell you not to speak and I spill my heart to you. "I love you Zach. You're my best friend my first love and I can't believe it took this for me to tell you!" Your eyes widen and your smile grows and you whisper weakly "I've loved you since pre-k" with your last breath you kiss me And leave a hand shaped blood stain on my face. I've just lost my best friend he died right here in my arms. It's hard to believe it's been almost 5 years now. It took me a long time to recover.

I miss you more than you'll ever know and I still to this day love you(but I'm not sure it's the same way anymore)

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