The nightmare house

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Chapter 3

(Nicole's POV)

the next day~

I heard footsteps drawing closer and closer in each passing second. I wonder who in the right mind would wake up early in the morning. a few seconds later, someone knock, I unwillingly stand up and reach for the door, I open it and a maid came into view, I took a step backward so that she can come in.

"My lady, your mother said that you should start packing because your going to your new house" the maid inform in a polite tone. My eyes widen in delight and surprise.

I was so excited! I can finally escape from expectation! I can finally have freedom! and ! finally I can have a normal life. without realizing it, my hands and feet begun to move, doing their job, getting and packing my things. In the corner of my eye, I saw my maid look at me in great amusement, as if I am a movie created just to entertain her.

"My lady, in case you don't know, you will not leave. not until for 3  more days" she said as she bowed, hiding her amuse face. wait....





I looked at the clock, watching its hand to move... 2 more days, wait for me, my beloved house!


"So darling, are you excited to your new home?" My mother asked. you have no idea, mother. I nodded in reply. after that my mother begin to talk how great her work and so on as we eat. 1 more day...... o=n=e , what's that spell? one...!


i waited for 3 painfully long days and now i am finally here in my new house... I walk closer to my house -i repeat mine- I noted that my door is open. so, I quickly run to the house to see if there is another person, well, it is ok if I have a room mate but to my great horror, upon arriving at my new living room I saw the Gorilla in my living room -i repeat in my living room-.

I begun to open my mouth to shout at the gorilla, who is sitting comfortably in the sofa "who said that you are welcome in my house? get out!" I pointed at the door, which lead outside.

He look at me before he decided to reply,"this is not yours, I can't see your name here."he said in a calm but irritated tone.

the phone ring before i can even retort. i look at him, sharply before answering it.

"hello?" I ask politely as i could.

My mother replied " hello! do you like my surprise? is your fiance there already?" i almost throw up at the sound of the word 'fiance' 

 "yeah, (unfortunately) he is here already! can i go back home?" i said in a calm voice, clearly hiding my disgust.

My mother said, "No! of course not, honey. that's your new home! good bye, and have fun." then she hang u,! oh great, how am i supposed to deal with the gorilla?!!  I heard Francis, the gorilla speak.

 "who's that?"

 "My mom." I said in a monotone voice, I realize something before  i added "get out"

I saw Francis smirk before saying "this is mine!" I rolled my eyes, I walk out in the living room and enter my kit- oops, my bad in the kitchen, open the refrigerator and bringing many snacks as i could  and headed in my room -i repeat in my room!. i quickly scan everything, opening the door to door before I've found my room.

time passes and it is now night time, i heard the gorilla or should i say my worse nightmare speak and said "hey! open the door! i want to sleep!"

i simply said, "this is my room! there is another room to the left side of my room don't say you didn't see it?" before laughing loudly.

i heard him walk away then a few minutes later, i heard a loud thud, i hurriedly open the door then I saw Francis on the floor, i laugh evilly. He look up and  speak,

 "this is a storage room! where is my room?!" Francis said.

I couldn't control it any longer, my body trembled. I finally gave in and laugh  "Idiot! I said t-to the left not r-right, ahahahahahaha"  I pointed at the door where he supposed to be in, I saw him blushed in embarrassment and mumbled "thank you" with that, he walk away, quietly shutting the door behind him, I begin to stop laughing, did he just thank me? neh.. i am just hallucinting... i have to go to bed. 

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