Chapter 3

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After the concert, we all went into cars and drove to our houses. Louis went in with me since we were going together to the movies, anyways.

"Um.... Lou?" I asked, as we were getting to our house. We where going to get ready and then go to the movies, but the truth is that I really wasn't feeling like going to the cinema right now.

"Yea Haz?" He looked away from the car window and towards me with a warm smile "Exited for the movie?"

"Uh... About that.... I'm not really up for it."

A sudden look of sadness took over Louis's face. Damn. Maybe he really wanted to see that movie. "Oh." He sighed. "Well then what would you like to do?"

"Why don't we just stay on the house and watch a movie we already have?" I suggested.

His face lit up with happiness again. "Can we watch Titanic?" He made puppy eyes and pouted. How could I say no?

I smiled. "Sure."

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