"ETHAN JOHNATHAN MOOREFIELD, YOU BRING YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!" I scream while I chase my idiotic brother around our house. Ugh, I swear when I find him, I will torture him so bad; he's going to wish he was never born to begin with. "Oh Carmen, I'm so scared! Please don't hurt me," he yells in a high pitch voice, trying to mock me. I can just tell he's trying to hold back his laughter. Because he finds this situation so funny. What is so funny about waking up somebody from their slumber at 5 o'clock in the morning with a terrifying Halloween mask, watch them fall out of their bed in shock and when they chase after you, get attacked by a bucket of glue, feathers, bright hair dye and glitter? Oh who am I kidding, it's hilarious. If I wasn't the victim in this situation, I would be laughing my butt off right now from seeing my face. If that makes sense... shut up, you know what I mean.

"ETHAN GET BACK HERE YOU FLUFFING LITTLE PIECE OF CHIZ," I yelled even louder than before. Yeah, I have a weird way of cursing, and I do it a lot, so sue me! I went around the whole house and man, he is fast. Dangflabbit it. I lost him somewhere in the house. I creep and tiptoe into every room except my parents and younger sister's room. You're probably wondering why the heck they didn't wake up through all the noise. Luckily, they are heavy sleepers, so there can be a World War III happening and they would be sound asleep. Good thing too, cause me and my brother would be dead, literally.

Speaking of the devil, I checked the whole house and places he can fit in or get to and he's nowhere to be seen. "Now where could this doofus be?" I think aloud. I suddenly stop in my tracks when I see a flash of something falling to the floor and someone run outside. I see a head of black hair and I grin like a psycho who's finally found its prey, aka, my 18 year old idiotic brother. I all but silently run, if that's even possible, outside to where I last saw my brother while I plan a sneak attack on him.

Once we are standing in the middle of our backyard, the figure I assume is my brother, stops and then I realize. My brother's hair isn't black, it's brown like mine. My brother's hair also isn't cut that way. My brother wasn't wearing all black when he came into to scare the living chiz out of me. I also realized my brother isn't as toned and, well, fit as this person was. "Hey Carmen, the whole point of me running was for you to chase me..." I hear my brother pout as he comes out the house from behind me. So, if my brother was still inside the house, then who the heck is this?!

The imposter turns his head to the side to look at us, but has his eyes trained on me. He winks at me then runs and climbs the gate, jumping when he gets to the top. My brother and I stay frozen in our spots, looking at the place where the imposter was just standing. After a few minutes, my brother breaks the silence and asks the question we were both dying to know, "So... who the fvck was that?" I'm still watching the spot as if the mystery guy would appear when I finally answer him, "I don't know..."

It was quiet for a while, while we were both lost in thought. I started wondering what my brother was thinking about. He may be my older brother by a year but he still acts like a 12 year old in middle school sometimes. School. Oh chiz! I grab my phone out my pajama pants pocket, since I don't go anywhere without it and check the time. It says 7:30, which means I have half an hour until my senior year at school starts! "Awww dangflabbit!" I say and I run inside and upstairs into my bathroom, connected to my room, where I take one of the quickest showers of my life and get ready for school.

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