Chapter 5

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I woke up and i can feel the warm sunlight softly touching my face. I got up and i scratch my back neck and my hair. I saw the time and its 7:30 am. I usually go to the cafe at 9:00 am but this time, ill be early for my Hazelnut coffee. I got up from my bed and wore my slippers. I got downstairs and got some eggs and bacon from the fridge. Ill be eating breakfast first before going to the cafe. I get the frying pan hanging from the wall and i start to open the stove to heat the frying pan a bit. I poured a small amount of cooking oil in the pan. I crack the eggs to open into the pan. I opened the bag of bacon and and put it in the pan. I can already see and smell the eggs and bacon. As soon as the bacon and eggs are done. I grabbed a plate and out both bacon and eggs on the plate. I turn the Television on and started watching Morning news. As soon as im both eating and watching news. I heard from the TV that today , the Cave will be closed just for the day because its rest day for workers. I think thats a great idea. Because me and Ty can go to the park or something so we can know each other better.

Im done with breakfast. I got up and started washing the dishes. Right after that i took a shower and got ready so that i can go to the cafe at 8:30. As soon as im done. I grabbed only my phone and nothing more since me and Ty are going somewhere after his work. I locked the house and started walking to the cafe. Everything still looks the same. Same happy and bright morning. From the distance i can see the cafe already. I walk towards the cafe door and got in. I can see both Auntie and Ty looking at me. "Good Morning Sky! Ty told me youre coming here again for Coffee. So i made another batch of Brownies you!" Auntie smiled. Still looking pretty and innocent as a child. "Aww thank you so much Auntie! Youre the best!" I take a sit from my favorite table and waits for the coffee. As i was waiting. I saw Auntie sat down infront of me. She started to look suspecious and asked me something. "So Sky. How is Ty so far?". I slowly looked at her. I can feel my face is heating up . "Uhm, fine i guess.. W-why?" I nervously said to her.

"You sure? You dont seem to be satisfied to be with him. It kinda looks like youre blushing,Sky. Did you even told him about yourself?"

"W-what do you mean?" I asked. Is she talking about myself being Bi? No i cant tell Ty yet. He might freak out or something. So i just keep quiet about it . She looks at me suspicious again. With her one eyebrow up as if she is questioning me. She is definetly talking about the Bi thing again. "No Auntie, i havent told him yet. BUT! Ill tell him sooner or later. I think.." I said to her. I am already freaking out inside because Ty might hear what me and Auntie are talking about. "Well, are you starting to have feelings for him, Sky?" She asked. Oh come on. Ive already asked this to myself last night and i havent even think about it yet. "Maybe.. I dont know, im still thinking about it though.." I said without looking at her this time because this is becoming awkward. I can feel her reaching for my hand to comfort me . "Dont worry dear. If you need about to talk about it , i am always here for you. Okay?". I nodded as she smiled at me. Me and Auntie can already see Ty with my coffee. Auntie looks at me before she leaves. "Ill go and clean the floor first. Its a bit dusty for awhile. Good luck Sky" patting my shoulders as she stood up. I can hear her coughing really hard. I got a little bit worried so i looked at her. "Dont worry dear, im fine." She said before i even said a thing.

"Good morning! Care for some coffee!" Ty smiled at me.

I can already feel that this day will going to be Awesome for the both of us.

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