Indigestion and Hormones

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  Splinter was surprised that we both were already training again. But he did not question us when we lined up. Me and Mikey, Donny and Raph, Leo and April. April was with Leo instead of Donny because Don will go way too easy on her. We all lined up in combat form.

  Splinter Yelled, " Hajimaru!"

  We all attacked. Raph had Donny on the ground already by fliping him over and kicking him down when he charged. Leo made the mistake of going a little too soft on April. She kicked him in the gut, flipped over him and kicked him in the shell. Leo fell to the ground, defeated. Mikey charged me and I put my left foot back and crouched more to flip him over me. Although, this did not happen. Instead, Mikey crouched lower and hit my stomach, he pushed up and turned. He spun and kicked me in the shell. I landed on the ground and layed there.

  Mikey was starting to celebrate, but stopped when he did not here me cursing. He turned around when he didn't get the tackle and him end up straddling me. I was laying on the ground with my eyes squinted and tears peeking. I cradled my stomach with one hand and held the other to my mouth. I was almost throwing up.

  He ran to me and picked me up. He then carried me to the bathroom. The others tried to follow, but Splinter stopped them. I was placed in front of the toilet and then started to have a violent puking fit. Mikey sat there rubbing my back before dissapearing.

  Mikey came back to find me brushing my teeth.

  He made me jump a little when he said, " Donny wants to see you alone real quick. He says that the tests have finished and it's important."

  I nodded and we headed to Don's lab. Me and Mikey started to walk in when Donatello stopped Mikey., " Just Saphira first."

I gave Mikey a look of reassurance. He nodded and left to play the pinball machine. I walked in as Don closed the door and motioned for me to sit on the table. April was sitting next to me. Don sat in his chair in front of the computer. He faced it towards me, April, and himself.

  He then started explaining in a way that even I couldn't understand, " Your estrigen levels are way high and testosterone is too low, that is why you keep getting the wind knocked out of you. Your muscle mass is shrinking because of the estrigen. You have other hormone spikes and drops.Your body is preparing."

  He looked at me, I was pissed because I was anxious. " What the hell are you saying!? Just tell me what the fuck is wrong with me!?"

  April looked at donny and nodded. She grabbed my hand and squz it slightly. Donny flattly stated, " Saphira, your pregnant."

  My right hand went to my mouth as my left one squz April's hands. I closed my eyes and started to cry.

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