Ⅴ - New friend and New Enemies

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"And that is the reciprocal of it. Now for your project, you guys have to team up and make your own presentation about linear equaition and what is it all about " Everyone in the class groaned, I did too, I mean seriously, it's the second day of school, can't they give us a day off?

Huh. Funny, comes from the girl who got detention on the firstday, my snarky subconscious countered.

"And, for your information, this project is sixty percent of your grade! So git your lazy butts to it!" He grins.  "Partner up!" I froze in my seat knowing I'd be alone, since I didn't know anyone. Nice, I'm gonna look like a loner.

"Wanna partner up?" A soft voice asked me. I gaze up to find my seatmate smiling at me warmly and I can't help it but grin. His smile is quite infectious.

"Sure." I motioned him to put his seat closer to me and he obeyed like a child. "So, what's your name?" I faced him and asked.

"I'm Kevin Williams."

"I'm Isay, Isay Hale." I told kevin as we shook hands.

"So, you're new huh? How do you find our school Isay?"

Oh. An easy question, for starters.

"It's good, great actually, it's just that I'm not really fond of some people in it." I mumbled petulantly, as I thought about Mr. Jerk-cules Storm.

I've been able to avoid him at my first class by not looking at him and by trying to control my annoyance towards him, but he seemed to be doing the exact opposite.

He always notices me and he always smirks. And when he's not smirking, he's giving me that intense, knee wobbling, smile. It's annoying the crap out of me! My feelings are confused! It's like, I'm mad at him for being such an ass, for constantly making irritating remarks, but then I also feel a little shy and intimidated by his charm and good looks. Especially when he flirts with me.

"And who could that person be Isay?" He leans on his armrest, a grin etched on his curious face.

"It was this guy that I met at Starbucks. I accidentally spilled my frapp at his shirt and for a comeback, he purposely spilled his beverage on me, so we made a scene inside SB that involves yelling and shrieking. So, I thought it was over, you know, since I'll never see him again and it wont matter, but unfortunately I was wrong. It turns out, he goes to this school, and—"

Kevin widens his eyes as if to say that's a surprise.

"And—" I continued, "And, he's in one of my class, and we had another scene inside the room." I explained to Kevin about the water spilling, smoothie whipping and detention paying yesterday.

"No shit, that was you?" He asked, his eyes buldged open in shock.

"What was me?"

"You whipped the yellow smoothie at Marcus Storm's face?" He asks, bewildered.

I nodded and his eyes showed amusement with a hint of being surprised.

"I am in awe of you, no one has ever stood up to that jerk." He grins and I couldn't help but smile at him too.

Kevin and I ended up talking about non-math stuff and I gotta say, I enjoyed his company.


"So are you ready for later?" Ceej asks as she bit down on her salad.

"I guess." I answered awkwardly as I picked up the french bread beside my pasta.

I seriously am not looking forward to see Mr. Marcus the Jerk-cules later, especially his brooding stare, but, unfortunately, I don't have a freaking choice.

"Isay! Yo!" I looked at the direction of where the voice came from and there I saw Kevin waving at me excitedly.I grinned at him and motioned him to come over and that's when I noticed that he's actually with a girl.

I couldn't help but admire the girls features, sure she isn't that pretty, but, she looks good too, with her brunette hair flowing on her left shoulder and a sweet smile on her face, I liked her immediately.

"Who are they?" Ceej looked at me and frowned.

"That's Kevin, he's my seatmate and the girl . . . I don't really know her yet."

"Oh, okay, fine, fine, I can see you have your new friends and that you don't need me anymore." She mumbled with a fake sniffle. I smiled at my cousin's jealousy.

"So, I'll just go. Don't make me stay, I know now, you don't need me." She picked up her tray and dramatically looked at me.

"Oi. You can be such a drama queen, you deserve an emmy!" I teased suggestively, making her smile at me whilst she rolls her eyes. We were still teasing each other when Kevin and the brunette approached our table.

"Hey, Isay" Kevin said a little bit sweet. "Oh, and this is Thalia, she's my lab partner." He gestured towards her.

"Hi, Im Isay" I smiled and extended my hand. She shook it hesitantly. What? I don't bite.

"And this is my cousin, Ceej." I point at my cousin.

"Hi, Thalia." Ceej's voice is edgy as she smiled a stiff smile.

She eyed me in narrowed eyes before she looked at Ceej with a ghost of a smirk on her lips.

Okay? What was that about? I looked at my cousin and she just shrugged. They're weird, they would pass as aliens.

"Anyway, I gotta go, I still have to meet up with someone, Kevin, you coming?" She looked at Kevin silently, her eyes urging Kevin to go with her.

"Nah, I'll just hang over here, I mean, if that's okay with you?" He cocked his head at me.

"Uh, yeah, that'll be great." I answered awkwardly, my gaze still on Thalia, who looks displeased.

Thalia huffed, before marching away. I snickered inwardly. Looks like someone likes Kevin.

"He obviously likes you Isay." Ceej whispered in my ear.

I snorted. "Huh. You're delusional."

"He does." Ceej insisted. "Anyway, I have to do something else. I'll see you later Isay."

She stood up and walked away, leaving me with a quiet Kevin Williams.

"Well, that's our cue." I said as I stood up. "Im going to class, you?"

"I'll walk with you." He offered  slightly blushing. I found it cute that he's blushing, making a smile creep onto my face.

"Sure. Let's go." I grabbed my belongings and flashed him a sincere smile.

He smirks, his gray eyes lighting up. He bowed down and gestured towards the door, his voice, amused. "Anything that the princess wants."

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