Timelords, and Aliens, and Shadows -- Oh my!

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Aster couldn’t contain his grin, Grace even smiling a bit. “Thank you Doctor, thank you!”

“Ah-ahh-ah; don’t thank me just yet.” Raising a finger to silence the Shadow, he turned and began to make his way to the TARDIS.

“Where are you going?” the wolf man asked with a raised eyebrow as he set his daughter down; she had become restless in his arms and would rather walk during this adventure to save her long lost mother.

“Oh, eh, into the TARDIS. It’ll take us to your wife quicker,” the Doctor said as he leaned on the blue police box, looking up at it a little before looking back to Aster. “I figured we’d all travel together, you know — get into their base or whatever without being seen.”

Aster nodded. “Good idea.”

Rose slipped into the TARDIS after the Doctor had, Grace happily trailing into the fanciful place. The wideness within the seemingly compact space made Aster’s golden eyes go wide, taking the usual step out and round about before coming back in. “It’s bigger on the inside! Amazing!” he exclaimed with a sort of excited smile as he closed the door.

The Timelord smiled as he began to flip a few switches. “Yup, that’s what everyone says.”

“So, Doctor,” the Shadow began, trailing off a bit as he awed at the interior structure, “you’re not human either, are you? I could feel your hearts pounding when I had pounced on you. It just, got me wondering, is all…”

Rose glanced at the Doctor and looked down a little, then occupying herself with entertaining Grace with a small game of hide-and-go-seek in the expansive TARDIS; with a few guidelines and boundaries, of course.

The Doctor didn’t look at the man, but spoke as he set the TARDIS to find DNA similar to Grace’s, when he had scanned her earlier in the day, to find the maternal connections. “Aster, I’m a Timelord. I was born on a planet, now destroyed, named Gallifrey. There was a greatly devastating war that saved humanity, but destroyed my people.” He pressed a final button, the TARDIS beginning to quake while it began to move. “And I am the last of my kind.”

“I’m so sorry,” Aster said as he averted his golden eyes.

The Doctor shrugged. “Well, it happened a long time ago — onto the present and future, right!” He smiled and dismissed the topic as he spoke in an upbeat tone.

“I suppose you’re right.” The Shadow chuckled, taking a careful step back from the TARDIS turbulence.

The holed flooring began to shake, specifically one panel that kept pushing upwards, as if someone were trying to get out. The Doctor frowned a little and bent own to investigate, catching the panel as it shot upwards once more and lifting off from its hinge. And there, within clusters of wiring and glowing buttons, a sooty faced Grace looked up at him. She put a finger to her lips and said in a low voice, “Shhh, don’t tell Rose I’m here — we’re playing hide and seek!”

He began to laugh wildly, because Rose wasn’t good at hide-and-seek (of all games), and because he gave up on finding a logical solution as to how Grace had gotten into the flooring compound without being detected. “Get out of there, you!” he said halfheartedly as he pulled her out from entangled cables, the TARDIS jerking to a stop when she was on her feet.

“Grace, you’re all dirty now!” Aster scolded as any father would do, coming down to one knee to examine her dirtiness. “Go on, wash up now,” he said with a small tap to her back as he stood, the little Shadow plopping herself down  in a seat with a grumble. Like a cat, she licked her hand and washed off the dirt and soot from her face; which actually got her clean.

“Don’t forget to wash behind your ears,” the Doctor added playfully before calling Rose into the console room. “Rose, we’ve landed! And you’ll never believe where we found your little playmate!”

The blond came through one of the corridors with a small sigh, relieved she hadn’t lost Grace. “Where was she? I’ve been looking all over the place!” she huffed as they exited the doors, Grace grinning as she skipped out of the TARDIS, singing, “I win, I win!” She came to abrupt stop, though, as she came face-to-face with a white wall.

“Yea, sorry for the tight spacing — it was the only empty room the ol’ girl could find and still fit in,” the Doctor said with a small wince as they squeezed out from the small space and out the nearest door.

“Where are we, Doctor?” Rose asked; the white hallway they had entered was empty.

“The United States White House, my dear Rose.” He smiled a bit and put his hands in his pockets, turning to face the group. “Well, allons-y!”

“I can sense her,” Aster said, his muscles tensed a bit. “I might be able to track Belle down.”

The Doctor extended a courteous arm forth. “Then by all means — lead the way!”

Shifting into a wolf, Aster carried Grace on his back like a miniature horse, sniffing the carpet and tile as they went through various hallways. Belle’s scent was faint, but he was able to catch a stronger and continuous scent later along the way. With a gruff snort, he bounded forth on the trail though new sets of formal looking double doors, the Doctor and Rose right at his heels.

Running right through an important looking meeting, the speaker stopped and watched the wolf-ridding child, trench coated man, and young blonde woman burst into the room and scamper out another door.

“Sorry for the interruption, our dog got loose and, well — well, just continue whatever you were doing!” the Doctor said quickly in a failed attempt to explain a valid situation before shutting the door and running after the others.

“I’ve seen that wolf before…,” one of the seated members said quietly, his eyes glued on the door after swiveling in his seat to so do. “That’s the alien’s partner.”

The room became filled with uneasy shifts at the news. “Would you like us to get security, Mr. President?” 

He nodded. “Maximum.”

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