Chapter 4

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Its 7:30 already and im waiting for Ty outside Mitch's house. I came here a few hours ago because Mitch and Jerome told me to buy food and snacks for the Game night. "Hey sky! Still no sign of Ty yet?" I heard someone from my back. I turn around and i saw Ryan. "No. Not yet... I guess he'll be here a few more minutes." I told him. "Oh, okay . Ill leave you here for now. The party is gonna start dude!" He said. I can hear the shouting and the yelling from Mitch's house. I think theyre already playing Halo 4 or something.

A few more minutes later. Its already 7:58 pm. And still no signs of Ty. Gosh he's going to be late. I heard someone yelling from the distance. "SKY!" He said. That must be Ty already. He is running really really fast until he walks infront of me. "Sorry i was late! I have to go to the cafe first because auntie needed me. And i got this!" He holds up 2 bags that he is carrying. One is a bag of different brands and kinds of chips. And the other one is filled with energy drinks,beers,and juices. "I hope im not late for the party! Or , game night whats it thingies." He said avoiding to look at me as if he was embarrassed. "Its okay Ty! Youre not actually late. Its just 7:59 pm. Perfect time to go inside the house! And we actually got more food back in there but thats fine" I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Wow , the yelling from the house is pretty loud. Are you sure theyre just playing a game? And not rough wrestling?" He curiously said as i laughed at him. "Dont worry , apparently theyre just losing from someone in the game , maybe its because that person is hacking and cheating or some sh*t." I said. We walked towards the door and opened it. "Ladies first!" I laughed at Ty as he walks inside the house. "Shut the fu*k up, Sky" he pouted. "Aww come on Ty its just a joke!" I looked at him as he is still pouting. "Yeah, i know . Im just testing you" he suddenly laughed. As we get inside Mitch's house. We saw the living room first. Theres nothing there though. And then we saw a door towards the Dining room and the kitchen. We can also see the stairs to the second floor where theyre about to start the Game night. "We better get going or theyll start without us!" Ty said. "Yeah i think so.." I said looking at him. I took the bag of beverages from him, i grabbed his hand and runs to the stairs. We got up and we can see Mitch's room from the distance. And we are just in time for the party. We got in his room and we can see atleast 6 people in the room. Its Mitch,Jerome,Bashur,Jason,Ryan and Ssundee. We saw a man with glasses,A black tux with blue shirt inside it walking towards us. "Hello Sky! Its been awhile! And looks like you brought a friend with you! Hi my name is ssundee but you can call me Ian for short." He took out his right hand for a shake. "Hey Ian! My name is Ty!". They both smiled at each other. "Hello Ty ! The name's Bash!" The melon guy said. "Yo! Am Jason!" The guys with a space suit said waving for Ty. "And im Ryan! Yo!" A guy with Batmans suit said. They all waved for Ty to show how welcome Ty is. After that we took a sit , grabbed a controller and played with them.

"Ohhhhh you just got owned!" Ty shouted. Apparently he is getting a hang at this game. He got atleast a score of 4 while others got 3 , 1 or 0. We also had a bet. If someone loses from the game . The loser shall say "I like big butts and i cannot lie" infron of us. And apparently Bashur is the one losing from the game. 15 minutes later Ty won the game and Bash loses. He is whining about how he doesnt want to do the bet. "If you wont do the bet , you wont be invited to Game night next week!" Mitch said. Bashur will probably do the bet since he always comes to Game night and he loves being with us here every Game night. He stood up and walk right infront of us. We can see he is trying to breathe deep and slowly. "I like big butts and i cannot lie!" He shouted. All of us laughed at him. And we can see Bashur is laughing with us too. "Gg for all of us doods!" Mitch holds up his can of beverge for a toast. We grabbed our drinks to have a toast. And we all laughed.

I looked at the time and its almost 11 pm. I can see Ty at the corner of my eye and he is yawning. He looks adorable when he yawns. "Uhm guys, its almost midnight and Ty has work for tomorrow. We better get going." I told them. I grabbed my phone from the table. Me and Ty stood up from the floor and told them a goodbye. We walked outside the house and looked at each other. "I gotta say. Thats some hella party back there." Ty said . "Pft yeah right. You just won from the Halo tournament thing awhile ago." Me and Ty both laughed. We walked pass from Mitch's yard and to the Sidewalk. "So uhm. See you tomorrow i guess.." I told him. "Oh i better see you tomorrow. Because apparently, Auntie told me you go to the cafe everyday. So im expecting that you come and order Hazelnut Coffee with cookies again tomorrow, alright?" He said smiling towards me. "Yes mom ill be there tomorrow for coffee and cookies." We both started to laugh at each other. We walked in different directions because Ty's apartment is from the right while my house i from the left. "Goodnight Sky!" He shouted. I looked back and wake at him goodbye.

After the long walk from Mitch's house i am finally home. I drank water first and head straight up in the bathroom. I started brushing my teeth and after that i washed my face. After that i got inside my bedroom and changed my clothes into pyjamas. I took my phone out from my pocket and i saw a small piece of paper fell out in my pocket. I looked at the paper and i saw Ty's number in it. I saved it quickly in my contacts so that i wont lose it. I texted him immediately.

"Had a great time with you and friends awhile ago! Hahah! Hazelnut coffee tomorrow bruh! Goodnight :)"

I put my phone besides the lamp. I switch the lights and lamp off and got in my bed. And i suddenly felt something inside, beating faster. I quickly asked myself first before i sleep.

"Am i starting to grow feelings for Ty?"

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