Chapter Thirteen

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♡Your Point Of View♡

I smiled at Justin, as I got into his car.

"Hi!" I said,as he started the car back up "Hey," Justin smiled,pulling out of my driveway "You sure you wanna do this? You don't have to if you don't want to." Justin said,referring to the date we are going on.

"I want to." I grinned large 'More than anything' I thought as I looked down at my white ripped shorts, attached to my black suspenders.

I was also wearing a white graphic tank top as well.

I was wearing my black and white Supras and I just had mascara and eye liner on, with a bit of lip gloss.

I quietly watched out the window, watching our surroundings,trying to figure out where we were going.

It was another casual date, since I remember telling Justin, I didn't like romantic dates, like restaurants and stuff.


I smiled large "Oh my gawd." I muttered, looking at

the air balloons, as they were set off into the sky.

"You're not afraid of heights are you?" Justin asked, and I shook my head,quickly as we got out of the Chrome Fiskar.

"Come on!" I said excited, as Justin grinned "I'm coming,I'm coming." he said, taking my hand.

I beamed as we entered, the building "Hello, name?" The male said, smiling at us.

"Justin Bieber." he cited "Ah, you have the grey and green balloon, number 7, Last name Bieber on it." he stated,handing Justin a slip.

I grinned, excited, as I followed Justin, out the back door of the building, "Woah," I uttered, looking at all the air balloons, with helium balloons and bags of sand in or on them.

I stopped at number 7, Justin smiling at me the whole time

"You ready?" he asked, I opened the door, before stepping on.

"Obviously!" I said,and Justin chuckled, I watched as balloon number 5 took off, quickly.

"Wow..Lets go!" I rushed Justin,as he grinned, "Alright," he said, pushing one of the bags of sand, over the edge, before adding a few others, then soon enough we took off too.


Justin and I were now, at the hotel again, since the date was over.

Justin took me to the diner that Pattie owns again.

Everything was Perfect.

I smiled at him "So.." I said biting my lip "Yeah..." he added.

"Well, bye." I said, blushing.

Justin quickly leaned down, kissing my lips, I smiled into the kiss, sighing in relief.

Justin smiled against my lips, before I leaned back, against my hotel room door.

Justin placed his arms around my waist, deepening the kiss, I heard.him moan lowly,before we stumbled back.

I quickly pulled back,seeing Miley, standing where my door was just placed.

"Wow, okay then." Miley said.

I blushed, before Miley chuckled "Buh-bye Justin." she laughed, pulling me into the hotel room.

Miley closed the door, before turning to me.

I sighed,dreamily, sliding down the door "So, I'm guessing you had a good time?" she asked.

I just bit my lip, standing up,I jumped onto the bed.


I giggled, as Miley explained, to Ajla on the phone, how Justin and I's date was, since my phone died.

"Yeah and then he like,sucked her face off." she stated, I gaped "Nuh-uh!" I screeched, walking through the mall.

"Yes, he did...Okay..

Alright bye..." Miley then hung up "Liar." I muttered, blushing slightly.

"Whatever," Miley laughed lightly, before we entered 'Pier One Imports.' Looking for more stuff, to buy for my new room.


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