Chapter 7: Greek Style.

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Chapter 7: Greek Style:

8-29-14: I don't really want to talk about when me and Rose were dating. It was a weird two weeks. Our first date was at Gyro's, and our second date was on Mars. Plus, she kept disliking me throughout, and she eventually dumped me. However, the breakup was amicable, and that's how we became friends.

Rose's Diary:

8-16-14: Today I went on my first date with August. It originally wasn't intended to be a date. However August thought it was and it became a date. We did it Greek style.

8-18-14: Today I took August on a second date. He complained about the lack of oxygen. I'm beginning to love him.

8-21-14: Today August went to my house. We watched Iron man. He fell asleep.

8-22-14: Today August woke up. He was groggy. He shooed me. I realized that I haven't been doing anything since I've been dating August. Usually I fill pages.

8-24-14: Today I went through the motions. We got to first base and I liked the kiss.

8-25-14: Today school started, August and I discovered that all five of us go to the same school, which is strange because there are only 50 people in the school. August proclaimed he was in a relationship with me. Also I tried my hand at the gardening elective, and I did good.

8-26-14: Today there was gossip about me and August. It even continued into the funeral for the gardening teacher.

8-27-14: Today was a weekend. I went over to August's house. I met his terrible mother. She asked me to stop dating August, because she is a racist against star faries. She is a scary person who could kill me.

8-28-14: Out of fear of his mother, I dumped August amicably and explained to him why. He took it badly.

My J/C/A:

Still, she was a jerk for dumping me. True love endures even past my mother's racism. Oh well. Anyway, today Rose and I had our first Greco-Roman Studies class.

Rose sat next to me. "Writing your autobiography?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Quiet, children," the teacher said. "My name is Dr. Barba. Today we will be studying Greek style. Now, as we all know, the Greeks didn't wear togas. They wore something else. What was it? Joshua."

The class went on and on and on, and, unlike my other classes, made no sense to me. I started daydreaming about our adventure in Antarctica. I thought about how the penguinboat claimed the polar bear to be its creator. While I was replaying the scenario in my head, Dr. Barba did an impression of Alexander the Great. I noticed the polar bear's voice sounded suspiciously similar to the polar bears'. Dr. Barba then started speaking Greek.

"Do you know Greek?" Rose said.

"No," I replied.

"He's saying that we should meet after class about the tuxedo boat," Rose said.

"The penguinboat," I said.

"He created the penguinboat," Rose said.

"I know," I said.

We thought about the plan of action. We remembered the one thing Dr. Barba had actually taught us: the three armies of Alexander the great. Legend has it that in one battle in central Asia, Alexander the Great thought he wasn't going to win, for once. So he split his army up into three armies, and he battled with the third. He attacked the city directly with two, while the third, his army, remained in plain sight. Because of the focus of the first two armies, the latter one managed to get into the palace. As even the royal guard had gone to see the first loss of Alexander the Great, the third army managed easily to assassinate the royal family. They then instated Alexander on the throne. Alexander then, being the king, called back his armies. The people thought they had won until they saw who their ruler was.

I'm not quite sure how this applied to our situation, but I was certain It would.

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