Chapter 31

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        It was now Saturday, and Charlie had been with us for a week now. In the mood for a run, I went to Charlie's room and knocked on the door. When he didn't answer, I slowly pushed it open and peeked in. With no sign of Charlie, I decided to go for a run without him. 

        I jogged outside to the edge of the forest and looked to see if there was anyone around. Being as it was our property, the only person that would be out there at the moment would be a creeper. And that's just weird. 

        I slipped out of my clothes and shifted. The pain was easy to ignore due to my wolf's joy at being released. We hadn't been for a run since being at Dad's house, and it had gotten uncomfortable holding my wolf in for so long. I shook out my fur and began to run.


        I had been running for a while and decide to head home. The sun was setting and Mom was sure to worry. I started off at a steady jog. 

        I was in the clearing about a mile from my house when I smelled something similar to rancid meat. I remembered one of the things Charlie had taught me and crouched down. I peeked through the tall grass and saw it. The rogue had scruffy, dull brown fur and eyes the color of charcoal, and it had seen me. I leapt up from my hiding spot and ran.

        I was almost out of the large clearing when I felt a sharp pain in my hind leg. I yelped and turned around to snap at the wolf, which swiped at my shoulder while still clinging to my leg. It wasn't very big, but I didn't know how to fight. I could feel the blood trickling down my shoulder and oozing from the wound in my leg, but the wolf wouldn't let go.

        I was finally freed when my brother's large form came crashing out of the forest and into the rogue. I took the chance and hid, making sure that the rogue hadn't brought backup. It was rare for rogues to travel together, but it sometimes happened. I heard a snap and knew that it was over. I limped out of my hiding space and followed my brother, who was already heading back towards the house. I could tell he was angry with me for not waiting for my run, so I stayed quiet until we got home.

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