1. Breakthrough

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•Mikayla's POV•

I arrive at Harly's house anxious to see her and my other friend Connie, I haven't seen them in 3 weeks! There's been this virus thing goin around and we'll I just can't wait to see them. I walk through the door and I see Harly facing the tv so I run up to her and jump on her back "what up sis"

•Harly's POV•

I was sitting there watching tv when I felt some one jump on my back "what the fuck!" "that's no way to talk to your bestest friend in the world now is it?" She said. "Mikayla?, God you scared me" I said as I put my hand over my heart.

•Mikayla's POV•

I jumped off her back and hugged her "so how's it been goin' without me?" I said while sitting on her couch, which is even softer then my bed, and people say money can't bring happiness!

"It's been going good, better actually" you could tell the sarcasm in her voice

"We'll then smart ass" I laugh as she sits beside me and and turns on the xbox.

"Yo, the electricity went out" I say as I put my hand up to the vent and the lights go out.

"Shit man, I'm not ready for this, I don't even know how to shoot a fucking gun!"

"You gotta bow it's quieter anyway, where's Connie?" I say then she runs down the stairs all freaked out.

•Connie POV•

My phone stopped working and I ran downstairs as fast as I could. "guys my phone ain't working! Where gonna die and I ain't even gonna be able to talk on my phone!"

"That's what your worried about!?" Mikayla said.

"Ugh yeah man, i know there's people eating people but come on, they can't even fix the phone things!"

"Dumb ass get your weapons and pack your bags were leaving" said Harly

"Who's that beside you?"

Harly shines the light on her

I start smirking "Oh hey mrs.bipolar"

"Shut up and get yer shit togather, this is gonna be a long trip" said Mikayla

"Okay okay" I say as I run upstairs. This can't be happening. I'm to young to die' ahh why am I felling so selfish? Umm what'd I come up here for again? Oh yeah bags and crap! I pack all my stuff and grab my knife and gun and run downstairs. "Ready"

"Yeah come on we gotta go like now!" Mikayla says as she's running out the door and throwing stuff in the backseat of her truck

"Hey wait up"

"Throw me the stuff and I'll put it in we needa hurry" Mikayla said while holing out her hands for me to throw the bags

I through the stuff to her. "Harly today!"

"Hold up man I'm almost done in gonna fit my stuff into one bag" she said then zips her bag up and grabs her bow and arrows


•Mikaylas POV•

"Damn it" I say as I hit my hand against the wheel "low on gas"

"We'll were going to have to pull over at the next gas station"

"Naw dip dum ass" I say as I pull into a gas station. "Lock the doors I'll be back" I say as I grab my gun and some money "want anything?"

"Monster and jerkey" Harly says

"You like green dontcha?"

"Ya know it!" She says while smiling at me

"And you" I say while looking at Connie

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