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I pictured Green and Bright Division laughing and playing around together as innocent 13 year olds. They were laughing and then the image switched to him falling. Falling until he hit the ground. blood dripping from his temple. I couldn't shake the vision of him getting shot out of my head. BLI/nd just had to ruin everything. Even my life. And my brother.

Bright Division started slowing down in front of me to a fair sized gathering of people, until she came to a complete stop. There were tears everywhere as everyone took turns walking past the coffin in the ground.

A giant lump in my throat hindered my breathing, looking at everyone's faces. I should have saved him.

I took my time walking up so that I could take a few breaths. Slowly, his body was getting closer to me, or so it seemed.

By the time I reached the small crowd the ceremony had begun about 3 minutes before. I was one of the only people who saw him die, yet I can't even comprehend the harsh reality. I felt like a ghost throughout the entire ceremony. Everyone was saying nice things about him but the words went straight through my head. Only a few peoples' words clicked.

"He would always make me laugh in the darkest times. Even after my sister became a Drac..."

People were quiet with sorrow for a period of time. A white haired girl cleared her throat, took 3 steps forward, and decided to speak.

"He always knew just what to do, no matter what the situation was."

Bright Division stepped up towards the grave that the Green haired kid was already in. With a heavy breath and sad eyes she spoke again.

"Goodbye Recon Kid," Bright Division sniffed, "goodbye Jace. I'll miss you..."

Everyone began walking up to his grave like zombies. One by one they picked up a fist full of sand and dropped it into the coffin, 6 feet down. It was my turn soon and I felt the guilt start to nibble away at me. No, don't let it be my turn. Never let it be my turn.

I cautiously walked to the ledge of Recon Kid's grave, feeling unbelievably sick. I never should have come.

"I'm so sorry..... This is all my fault," I whispered. I turned my hand over letting each and every grain of sand flow out. Just like an hour glass, his time had run out. And I should have prevented that.

I slowly backed away watching the tears fall as the diggers filled the grave with sand.


NO, DON'T!" I cried out. PEW! Dead. He fell and hit the ground hard. Almost as if he was in slow motion. Green was dead. Just like that. He didn't even see the Dracs behind him while he was sprinting towards Party Poison.


He never even saw his killer. He never got to see Party Poison get out okay. He'll never see his friends or the day when we defeat BLI/nd. And he can't because of me.

I walked back to my to my scooter, choking on my heart. I felt like I was going to drop to the ground any second. I was in a trance full of despair.


A switch violently flipped in my head, and I was headed for the pasty, white walls of BLI/nd.

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