I don't want to catch in it because

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That it goes with politics which I don't want to catch in it because Ideally I think that group that's not my idea that's not my expertise my expertise to and create but on that see our society leadership movement and leadership moment that it will on take part in her social appear hope to reach out for the needs of the society I'll how they can and fulfilled this those and idea that there is a need how they can this an in how they can fit-out disposition to be a part of an a group a movement that an wellhead the society to be complete in a peaceful society because some I believe data and apiece for society like inside a better nation then he and this that society and to have Goji Vita peaceful society you need peacefully dish unique to take agenda take issue any work to do negotiation to communication to an looking to the issue as a whole not posture part of it and so look at holiness more ingest being aggressive toward think that I'm that's a feat so why would you say if you are a leader min would you say would you call yourself a leader well that I think but I want to I want to be a leader II you want to be completely that maybe I have still lots of learning to do and they keep learning every day and to on be and this person completely that I think that them I have a lot to learn yes I did what kinds of things to have to learn mean this is a very interesting question at I do live in that and I want to serve my people bake at and to reach out more and right now I am reaching out that's it for at is statistically for , people at in a year and my vision is to reach by the thousands and thousands and thousands and my vision is to come out not only for pros have of understand.

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