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To Italy! Trip of Class 2A

Chapter V: The Dinner Saved by the Looser Duo!


The students had been woken up by a voice, "Class 2A dinner will be served in 15 minutes. Please wake up now to prepare."

The students woke up one by one almost say, '5 more minutes, Mom.' But fortunately or unfortunately (depends if you want them humiliated or not) they didn't.

However, they didn't notice that the one who woke up earlier well just who didn't nearly about to say those words are Tsuna's group.

The students prepared themselves. They are so nervous, oh my! Who wouldn't be when you are going to meet the 9th boss of the world's most influencial, succesful and the biggest company? They don't know if they will stutter in front of him or just be fine.

Seemingly, the students, nervous more than ever, didn't notice that Tsuna and Enma were already in front of them all. Leading the first and second line.

Nezu, most nervous than all of them combined was beside the two front row students.

The butler led them to where the dining room is.


For about 5 minutes the students walked throught he luxurious hallways. Filled with many paintings and they are all original! They all thought, 'So rich'. But then again, this is the Vongola we are talking about. They are the best of the best.

Finally arriving to their destination, John opened the two big mahogany doors.

With that, revealing a 70 year old man with white hair which they all know as the Ninth boss of the Vongola Enterprises (coughfamigliacough), Timoteo and his guardians. According to some magazines, the boss of the Vongola Enterprise has 6 most trusted subordinates that is called as guardians. They are called into different states in the sky which is the boss itself, namely the Storm, Rain, Lightning, Sun, Mist and Cloud. With that they had been more nervous. While Hana just shrugged it off, just a little nervous.

While in the Vongola Group, namely Tsuna and Enma, are nervous (especially Enma) because of the fiasco that happened during the inheritance ceremony.

They, seeing their classmates, about to pee on their pants and skirts (except Hana) decided to take the lead. With an unknown signal, Tsuna started, "You must be the famed Vongola Nono, Timoteo."

With that voice of Tsuna the students behind them would have smack him. They all thought, 'We are doomed!'

Just after what Tsuna said Enma proceeded. "Thank you for inviting us into your humble abode."

With that, the students are seriously going to faint anytime now. Even Nezu is.

Nono, sensing the nervousness of the students decided to break the atmosphere. "It was nothing. Come sit. Dinner will be served in 5 minutes."

Tsuna and his group, decided to go first. In an organized manner, the group walked into the chairs. Tsuna and Enma decided to sit beside the cloud guardian, Visconte.

The others just followed them seeing that there is no other choice. In a total of 5 minutes, several maids came out carrying silver plate and the only dinning equipments that can only be seen in movies.

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