This world has many creatures,cats,dogs,birds,humans. Some exotic,others typical.What they didn't know was among the humans were, creatures, that no one even thought lived in this world. Creatures told in fairy-tales, and ghost stories, others some didn't even know existed. Have I intrigued your curiosity? Well then, let me tell the tale about these mysterious creatures.

     Long, long ago, people and,as they called them, creatures, actually got along, but one day, a human who hated the creatures dressed up as one and set the whole village on fire, killing many. Everyone saw the disguised human, and blamed the creatures for this treachery, and got rid of the creatures, well most of them.They killed many creatures that day, and ever since the fire raged in the village, creatures hated humans, and humans hated creatures. Generations and generations the hate between the two enemies grew stronger and stronger. Ever since that day, our lives have changed.

 (A/N:This is my first story so no hate... Alright so this is el prolouge thing and yea Creatures...yea alright...Bye guys :D)

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