Scott~ Pretty Little Liars

Stiles~ Glee

Isaac~ Orange Is The New Black

Derek~ Vampire Diaries

Liam~ Walking Dead 

Hey Guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I've been extremely busy! Thank you to everyone who wished me luck on the show last week! And to answer your guys' questions, the show went amazing, we managed to fill up the whole auditorium. Sorry for the short chapter T-T 

School has been really nerve wrecking but I'm trying to update as often as possible, I know that after October 3rd I'll have some time off after the exams so I'll update really often then. Thank you so much for 284k reads! it means so much to me especially since I started off writing as just a girl who had a laptop and an obsession on Teen Wolf. You guys mean so much to me and just remember that I love you!

Love, Natalia.

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