Not Very Warm Welcome....

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Triveni's POV..

     ''Thanks for the treat but I don't drink and I think they won't allow me also to get in. What? I'm just sixteen, you forgotten?''

      Hagrid and I are standing in front of an old classic Bar in one of the London suburbs alley. I don't know if it is legal now a days because whatever knowledge I have, according to England law bars are not allowed in residential areas and this alley is a pack of old classic houses, Women are standing in their balcony enjoying running street view, which include vendors and small shopkeepers surrounded by crowd of walking by people, we were also part of that crowd but the difference was we were standing in front of a bar. Thank God! Its not India, other then I would be the part of tomorrow headlines. Their are also  kids playing all around, some are cycling, some are whooping with skateboards like old time. Now a days study burden and constant struggle in compitative world have actually locked up kids. If they ever got some free time on weekend they either party or play with electronic miniatures. I'm from secand genre as I love my room because I don't have any friends except one standing besides me with his confused bolt head.

     I noticed one more thing, the moment we took turn in this alley Hagrid was very quite and was behaving weird. Ya! I know he is a wizard and he have right to be weirdo, but he was not paying attention to my nonsense chattering any more . He didn't even reacted when I slipped out in my dreamy fanning state that. ' I fantasize stripping myself in front of Arjun Kapoor. ' What? I'm sixteen and I have all right to crushing on my favorite star. So the point is Hagrid didn't react on this confession though I know he must be having no knowledge about who is Arjun Kapoor,  but come on I said 'stripping', he should react on that. Right now also when I  comment  on the place we are about to enter he was on the dreamy trip.

  ''huh?? Oh! That's not a ppproblem...''

     He replied while stuttering as if he was caught off gaurd, then he just roam his eyes from my top to toe and then suddenly I felt hairs on the bridge of my nose, I quickly had a breif look on my attire, I was wearing long leather overcoat and my pajamas were replaced by poison Green pants and to match it their was black waist with brown shirt and to complete the perfect young man look my head was covered with brown English hat. My hand straight went to check my long dark braids. Thank goodness it was neatly folded and placed inside the hat.

     Hagrid was smiling in thoughtful way, may be it was because of my stupidity to doubt his skill.

    '' You are replica of-''

     He cut his own sentence which turn his smiley face into panic struck one, I sensed something called. .... suspense, maybe he is hiding something, but he don't know Triveni yet, sooner or later this little piece of suspense will be in my brain pocket. He pull the handle of the entrence door and we were invited by strong alchohol smell and smoke, mixed with ripe grapes aroma. The place was huge and was designed in classic English way with oak interiors and furniture, which was surrounded by well dressed ladies and gentlemen refreshing themselves with a glass filling alchohol of different colours complimented by muchies.

    ''Hey Hagrid! Saw you after a long time, where have you been?''

     A Good looking brown haired man greeted Hagrid as if they know each other very well. His grey eyes then falls on my existence with confusion written in capital letters. I felt little bit uncomfortable so I looked up to see Hagrid throwing daggers on that man's way. Whoever he is, he is not good for my health for sure.

    ''Lockhart, let me remind you, you are no more deserve to be greeted by any members of Hogwarts, So excuse us...''

     Hagrid schooled him with blank face and moved ahead, I followed him with the sense of danger.

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