I don't believe this. Daniel isn't capable of this. Rape? I started scanning the article.

"Daniel Grayson was arrested early this morning after a raging house party on the east side of town. The young 23 year old who is rumored to be the heir to his uncle's multibillion dollar company was brought in on charges of forcible rape. The victim is a young woman who was interning at the company over the summer. Sources say that the young victim was being harrassed by Grayson for weeks. They also say that she wishes she had said something earlier and maybe she wouldn't have gone through this traumatic event. As of now, the Grayson family has refused to comment on the matter."

It was a little past five o'clock when I made it back to my apartment. My first reaction was to shower. For some reason, I felt dirty. I felt so dirty. Maybe it's because I just found out my boyfriend is possibly a rapist.

After I finished showering, I slid into my bathrobe. I towel dried my hair and then walked into my bedroom. The sheets on my bed were still all fumbled and jumbled up. I stripped the sheets from my bed and threw them into the washer.

I know that I should look more into the situation before I start hating Daniel but I'm too afraid. What if it is true? I don't know what I would do. I shake the thought. I need a drink. I thought about calling Jas and Bree or maybe even Lexi, but I wanted to be alone. I needed to be alone.

I put on some skinny jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and riding boots and then pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I drove over to a hole-in-the-wall bar on Main Street. I walked in and there was no more than about five people sitting at the bar. I took a seat and waited for the bartender to walk over. She looked to be about 40 but could pass for 35.

"What can I get you?", she asked.

"Gin and tonic, please", I said.

"Actually no tonic, just the gin would be fine."

"Long day huh?", she said. "Coming right up sweetheart."

I checked my phone for emails but I didn't have any. I slid my phone back into my pocket.

"Here you go sweetie", the bartender said as she sat the glass in front of me. "And don't worry, this one's on him."

She pointed to a man wearing a baseball cap at the end of the bar. I narrowed my eyes.

"Unbelievable", I said. "I'll be paying for my own drink. How much do I owe you?"

"An even $6."

I gave her a ten and said to keep the change. A figure sat down on the bar stool next to me.

"What do you want Jeremy?", I asked after I sipped my drink.

"Did you get my email?", he asked. "Along with the attachment?"

A smirk rose onto his lips. I shook my head.

"You're a bastard", I said through my teeth.

I threw my drink into his face and stormed towards the exit of the bar. I could hear him get up from the bar stool so I started walking faster. I was almost out of the door when he caught up with me and tried to stop me but I continued for my car.

"You know I was there that night!", he yelled out.

I unlocked the door to my car before acknowledging him. "You're a lying, cheating asshole. Why would I believe anything you have to say?"

He went into his back pocket and got his wallet out. He pulled a picture out and handed it to me. I examined the picture. In the picture was a younger Jeremy and a younger.. Daniel?

"Jeremy", I said then paused for a minute as I looked back at the picture. "What the hell is this?"

"Daniel and I were good friends for a while back when we were in business school. After the incident happened his uncle said it was best that he didn't hang out with me anymore. He said with the scandal it was bad for the company that he be seen hanging out with a party boy. So like that he dropped me. To this day, Daniel treats me like a business contact and nothing more."

I studied Jeremy closely. There was something there that I'd never seen on him before. He was hurt.

"Jeremy I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

"It's okay. Of course I'm the bad guy. Daniel gets a rape charge and still ends up on top with all the money he never had to work for and of course he always got the girl. But not this time. I will do whatever I have to do to have you in my arms, Jessica. And I mean that."

I handed him back the picture. "I'm sorry, I have to go."

"Wait there's one more thing", he said taking his phone from his pocket.

He handed it to me. There was Mary Katherine in several photos with some guy.

"What is this?", I questioned.

"I hired a private investigator to follow her before we broke up. He took these photos. When I confronted her about it, she confessed to cheating with him for about six months. The last baby she lost could've been his."

My hand found it's way to my mouth covering it in astonishment. I walked closer to Jeremy and then hugged him tightly.

"Jeremy I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

"How could you? Not even I did."

He kissed my forehead before letting go. "Goodnight Jessica. Thanks for hearing me out."

"Jeremy, there's just one more thing. Will you tell me what happened that night?" I didn't want to ask what I was going to ask next but I forced it to roll of my tongue. "Did he.. rape her? Did he take that young girl's innocence?"

"Jessica I'm sorry but you need to hear it from him. Goodnight."

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