One Day of Magic

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A/N:Sorry for the long wait but yea here we go. enjoy the chapter.

Haley I found a spell that could turn you back into a mermaid.Holly says but we'll need 3 mermaids.

Well I could call Elise and Keionna. Elise is a mermaid and Keionna's a witch so that's one mermaid. I said in an exciting voice.

Plus me is two.We need one more Mermaid. Holly says

Ooo I could call Angie up, that's three.

Oh please tell me that your talking about Angie the bitch, I thought everyone hated her and since when was she a mermaid.....

Hey she's not that bad but yes at first I didn't like her but now I'm her bitch... 

Ok Haley let's just call them up and get this started.

As I call Angie,Elise and Keionna I felt like something had hit me.

Haley did u just feel that? Holly says in a concern voice tone..

Yea it was like air hit us.

(Cameron walks in) Did yall feel that?

Yes...I said as I went to open the door you guys... You gotta look at this. When I open the door to go outside I saw almost every supernatural being in the world of fiction. From fairies to vampires all outside like its a normal thing. People using magic and even GIANTS.

What the hell just happened Cameron said slowly. Then Isaac came through the door saying I was coming to warn u about whatever this is but I guess you know now.

Yea I'm gonna call Keionna again and tell her to hurry up.

I'll go see what's going on out side. Cameron says. I'll go with him Isaac says and then he kisses. I forgot we were going out is that a bad thing. I said to my self. Try not to get stomped on by giants. I tell them.

Three hours later.

I'm here I'm here sorry my car got stomped on by a giant. And there's a new witch in tow---AHHHHHH GET IT OFFFFF!! Keionna yells.

Is that a troll ?!! Oh no no no no no. I said freaking out. OUH IT JUST BIT ME GET IT OOOFFFFFF.

Ok Holly you get a stick and poke it I'll just watch.

What are you, scared? holly says to me .

They are hideous and I don't wanna touch it.


Ok Haley you pull its tail Keionna you shake your leg and I'll get him on this stick.Holly yells.

Ok ready.....GO! Yes its on the stick!I said

U didn't even do anything. Holly points out.

Oh shut up I had to look at it and its beetty little eyes stared at me. But anyway I'm gonna go out there and look for Isaac and Cameron.

You can't go out there alone I'm coming with you. Keionna says.

Me too. Holly says also.

Fine it'll be the three if us. I said with an attitude as we headed our the door.

Mean while with Cameron and Isaac

Cameron:So are you and Haley a thing now or is it just the one time.

Isaac:Why do you wanna know.

Cameron:just making conversion.

Isaac:Yes were "a thing."

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