A bitter-Sweet Maple leaf.

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Lilith's Pov~:

Walking down the hallway I nervously curl my fingers around the box I had in my hands. I was making little dolls of all of my friends. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, And that really loud American person...I had a lot of left over material so I made my Big Brother France A doll..Of himself. It reminded me so much of him that I wanted him to have it instead of me. So here I am walking down this hallway...With a small red box. I finally came to his giant double Ivory Doors. Pushing on one of the doors it swings open slowly. France was leaning on the wall with a red scarf lazily wound around his shoulders. A wine glass balanced on his fingertips. "Big Brother..?" He didn't glance at me just kept staring ahead at whoever he had over before muttering "HM?" My heartbeat quickened in my chest and I held the box out to him. He lifted his arm and pointed at his desk which currently had an opened bottle of wine sitting on it. "Put it over on my desk Valence. I'm Busy." Stepping into the room I realized that my older brother Matthew was visiting France...Again....For the twelfth time...Making my big brother completely brush me off. My heart squeezed. "O-Okay...I'll...J-Just...Go..." I cast a glance at the Canadian. My eyes were quickly filling with tears. Before they fell I looked at my feet and dropped the box feeling to numb to lift my arms. I stared at the box for a moment until a few spots on the lid turned crimson from my tears. I turned and left the room without another word.

The door closed heavily behind me making an almost silent click as it fell into place. I drug my feet all the way to my room stumbling blindly through my pain and tears until I finally made it to my balcony. I know I made it dramatic and I made a scene I should apologies later. On instinct I climbed onto the balcony railing and sat down my legs dangling off of the edge. I imagined what it would feel like to push off and fall. To feel the sensation of falling before death. (A/N: If any of you feel depressed enough to commit suicide PLEASE~! PLEASE~! PLEASE~! Contact someone. Even if that someone is me. I am willing to listen and try to help i any possible way I can!) So as I sit here...Thinking about falling away the world and time rolls on.

Canada's Pov:

Me and Francis were talking about something unimportant when one of the heavy doors were pushed open. In stepped my little sister Lilith. She had a hopeful look on her face and a little red box in her hands her knuckles turning white from how hard she was grasping it, But her expression remained hopeful and determined. As she approached Francis he kept his gaze trained on me, Paying no mind to the small girl. "big Brother?" His eyes flashed slightly before he let out a throaty"HM?" She held up the little red box her face still determined, but wavering quickly.Francis's arm lifted up to direct her to his desk. "Put it over on my desk, I'm Busy." Her shoulders slumped and she glanced at me for only a moment. "O-Okay...I'l J-Just go..." She dropped her box and let her head drop to her shoes. I watched her until I noticed...She was crying. The spots on the lid of the box looked like drops of blood. She turned and left the room with a deafening silence. After the door clicked Francis walked over to his desk. "Papa...Do you ever spend time with her eh?" France paused with the wine bottle hovering over his glass. "Oui. Of course I spend time with her...Erhh..Just not recently." I picked up the box in my hands. "How recently Eh?" France poured a little wine into his glass and turned casually and leaned against his desk. "A few weeks. Iv'e Been Very very busy. You know how busy I can get Matthew." I paused....But...He's had time to see me almost every day...I pulled the lid off of the box and peer inside. Two Black button eyes shine dully back at me. I reach a hand in and slowly lift out a tiny doll Blonde colored yarn brushed over the face of the small France doll in my hand. "What was it she wanted to show me anyway?" I walked over to stand besides Francis and held out the doll. "I think its supposed to be you eh." France looked at the doll and bristled like a cat. "Non! No WAY. Jou can keep it...(Le time skip brought to you by Austria's beautiful Piano~!)

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