Chapter 5

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I drove through the city, passing through the streets and avenues. The city was full of life (no pun intended) in the day, and yet it's a wonder how all of these things are oblivious to creatures like me. I stopped on the brakes at the red light and looked at the pedestrians walking across. Leaning my elbow on the armrest, I looked out the window and noticed the sky turning overcast; Gray clouds shrouded the sun signaling the rain to come.

Is it going to rain? because it was sunny this morning...


She stared out the window watching the rain fall. It was early morning and the sky was cloudy. Through the fog, she could see the mountains in the distant. Sitting on the window sill, she curled her knees to her chest and leaned against the cold glass. She sighed and closed her eyes.

How long must she wait?

The young girl was sitting in her bedroom, listening to the raindrops fall, lightly tapping against the window. Small beams of light pierced the clouds, and the window; it reflected on the girls various furniture. In the middle of her room was a small baroque table and a flower vase. She opened her eyes and saw the light reflected on the flowers. In it was blooms of daisies, roses, lilies and lavenders. The girl stood up and walked slowly towards the flowers. She lifted her hand and lightly brushed the flower petals. She sighed sadly at the beautiful gift.

Two knocks resounded on the door. The girl, whose eyes were still on the flowers said, "Come in".

The door opened slowly and two tall middle-aged figures walked in. One was a man, with dark hair and pale skin, the other was a woman with long blonde hair that fell to her waist. The two figures wore cold expressions on their faces. Silence fell over the small group and not one spoke a word. The only sound that could be heard in the room was the shower of rain.

Finally, the man said, "Do you realize what you have done?"

Another silence fell over the three. The girl whispered, "No father, what have I done?"

The woman spat, "Don't treat us like fools! You have betrayed us! Your family, your KIND, and your role!"

The girl tightened her hands into fists. She looked up at her parents and glared, "I have done NOTHING! I only followed my heart!"

The girls father stormed up to her and slapped her cheek.


The sound echoed loudly in the room. The girl raised her hand to her cheek and glared at her parents, eyes flashing with pure hatred.

"You should know better than revealing us to that human."

"THAT human wouldn't hurt us!"

The mother walked up to her and grabbed her daughters arm tightly, shaking her.


"And how do you know they won't? Humans are selfish creatures, always greedy on unlocking secrets of the world! Even Death itself! We are different from these! We do not follow our hearts, we follow their souls."

The father grabbed his wife's shoulders, "Why did you do this?" He stared at his daughter with sadness and curiosity.

"Because, I...."


I jumped out of my thoughts and saw the light turned green. I revved the engine and continued to drive through the busy streets.

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