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"Austin im fine ok?!" I snap back at austin with tears in my eyes. He says "look at you y/n! Ur in tears!" I shoot back "because ur yelling at me!" He rolls his eyes and starts pacing back and forth with his hands at the back of his neck. He then comes towards me and takes his hand out "give me ur phone." I just stare at him and he repeats himself and i say "no!" Holding my phone tightly in my hand. He snatches it from me and i scream "austin!" And thats when i start crying. Austin asks me "whats ur password?" As he tries to go through my phone. I dont say anything and he again repeats himself and i saw "7400" he puts it in and goes on my twitter mentions and sees what everyones been saying bout me. He scrolls down skimming and then looks at me. He asks "why didnt u tell me?" I say "its not important." I turn my back to him and try to wipe my tears away. Austin sighs and sits next to me and holds my sweaty hand tight "how many times do i have to tel..." I interrupt him "austin i get it but its just so constant." He says "ignore it still." I dont say anything and he lifts my chin up to face him "y/n listen to me. None of tht crap is true dont take it seriously." He gives me the same lecture i've heard quite a few times already. After, he says "i think its time for u to sleep now, u look tired." I sniff nodding and get into the bathroom to change. I come back and see austin already in bed. I lay down next to him and try to sleep but i keep thinking bout what the people are saying bout me and i begin to cry again. Austin scoops me up in his lap and rocks me to sleep while humming. Austin instagrams a pic of us and captions it "she cried herself to sleep tonight, please stop it."

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