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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 15 - What Happened??

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                                        Tianna POV

        "aawwwww, what happened?" I said rubbing my head. My body was in pain.

        "She's awake, go get everyone," the 2 girls said to another girl....Where am I?, "Don't panic...just sit here...okay?? Trust me." I nodded my head yes....what is going on...The girl gave a warm smile. Soon, more girls followed by other guys. They all smiled at me. I had no idea who these people were...they crowded around my bed while one of the guys put a CD in the tape recorder:

        "Heyyy Girrll!!! It's yo big sister Jaida!" She said waving at me throught the screen. 


        "And It's your big sister Selena!" She said as she turned the camera around to her.


        "We wanna re-introduce you to everyone....sooo foollow me!" Jaida said, as the girl behind the camera,Selena, followed her. She went into a room and there was guys in there playing video games, as well as a girl.


        "This is Darius, Demetrice, Marc, Roc, Ray, Ahnia, Selena, Sasha, and your boyfriend EJ..." The girl Jaida pointed at everyone as she said their name.

                EJ POV

I wanted to just lay next to her, but I didnt wanna creep her out. She doesnt remember anything that has happened. So for the past year we've been playing this video for her hoping that she would one day remember. We never get tired of watching this video because its of everyone having fun, laughing and joking around. As the video played, I see her smile. Then she started looking around...she grabbed the remote and paused the video.

        "I remember you guys!!" Everyone looked at her with tears in their eyes.  "Like, I remember Darius and I had some...some....history...and EJ is my bae!! Yaass!! And, And Selena is my sister that I just met, well, the long lost sister, and Jaida, she is my crazy behind sister who used to trap! Demetrice, Roc, Ray, and Marc are like my big bro's. Ahnia and Sasha are my besties!!.....I remember you guys...." Everyone came and hugged Tianna.  "Well, what happened to me to make me forget about ya'll. Because you guys are unforgettable...." I decided to speak up.

        "Well, see when we were all talking and laughing, just catching up, and remember her??," She nodded her head yes, " Well she broke into our house and the first thing she shot was you. Then she left....but don't worry about that, the cops got her!"

        "Are you sure it's the cops and not my sister." Everyone started laughing.

        "Yes, i'm sure." she looked at everyone and smiled.

        'It's good to be back. Now, I'm hungry and I need to cook breakfast!"

        "No, you need to sit and rest, and let us take care of you!" Ahnia said.

        "No, Im cooking breakfast! So, ya'll go downstairs and get ready...shooot! Im cooking, ya'll aint burnin up good food!" Everyone laughed and proceeded downstairs.

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