Chapter 6

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A/N This is a test story, the  actual story without the time skips will come out after this okay??

OK let's get to the story

After a couple of days together, Emily and I got to do a lot of things together. After we killed yesterday we went for ice cream. Her being the one of us that looked normal, she had to get them while I was her shadow. After she had left the ice cream store. I morphed out of her shadow and chuckled. She is so awkward with normal people now I thought

to myself. As we got to the forest I decided to have some fun. I morphed away into the shadows so that she couldn't see me. Then I made her shadow 3D and walk with her. When she turned around she almost screamed. I started laughing, giving away my position. "Come out of the shadows" she said calmly, but I knew she was angry. As I morphed out of the shadows she punched my chest."Ow, what was that for?" I asked. Man she punches hard I thought."That was for scaring me." She replied simply before walking off. I jogged up to her side and laughed. She was so easy to scare. As we walked into the mansion, I started up the stairs, only to feel this searing pain in my head. I screamed and fell back, only to fall back down the stairs. When I hit the bottom the pain finally stopped increasing, but was still there. It felt like someone had lit my head on fire. Eventually, the world around me darkened. Before I blacked out, I saw Emily running up to me with Slendy. Then it was all black.

I woke up on what looked like a hospital bed. I looked around and saw that the room was white, very white. It was almost blinding. I sat aback and relaxed, the pain in my head was gone except for a dull throbbing. Eventually the door to the room opened and I saw Slendy.I quickly went to get up but the pain in my head increased so I stopped. "Lay back down child, your wound has not stopped healing yet." My wound? "What wound?" I asked while I laid back down. "Your head had literally begun to split open. Luckily it stopped, but it started to bleed, so I had to bring you here to heal you up," Slendy said. Great first I become a shadow, now my head starts to split open? I wasn't complaining about being a shadow, but it was an unfortunate event at the time it happened. Slendy grabbed something from the cabinet. It was a syringe. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck I thought. It was full of a purple liquid. If you don't know this then you should know I hate syringed. The entire idea made me shiver.  I instinctively morphed into the shadows nests to me and felt the pain subside. That right! Shadows give me strength! I thought. I quickly unmorphed and I felt my head. There was no wound. Thank god for shadow powers. I left the room, leaving Slendy baffled. Wow, Slendy, confused?Nah I'm just seeing things. I walked to Emily's room to hear her walking around in there. I opened the door to see her pacing in front of her bed. When she saw me she jumped up and hugged me. "Thank god," she said before shoving her face into my jacket. I laughed slightly. She is so cute when she's worried. She just stood there in my arms until I found out she fell asleep. I played her down on her bed and kissed her forehead. I walked out and went to my room. I laid there on my bed like usual. Except this time I felt different, I felt more alive. What the hell is happening to me?

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