Chapter 13: Harrys Pov

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I just woke up, apparently I had a panic attack, I kept thinking of that girl, I cant believe I raped someone. I really needed to get out of here and just get work done because if not, I will drive my self crazy even more. I walk into the hall, you would think they would have one in the room. As I walk, I see isabella talking to a doctor and signing something and then he asked for her number" just in case something goes wrong" he said. he has been flirting with her while I was in the middle of a heart attack, why wasnt he attending to me?. that.. doctor, Dr.Mike is the same doctor that took away my girlfriend before I startes seeing louis. I heard they were engaged, I don't understand whats happening? why would he do that? I walk immediately to where there standing and forcefully grab her arm and lead her out of there.

" what do you think, YOU are doing, your suppose to be working, not WHORING around"

" first of ALL, I am NOT a WHORE, why would you say something like that!!!!?" she exclaimed loudly.

" I saw YOU, over there FLIRTING wirh Dr.Mike and he happens to be an engaged man"

" your one to talk, your probably married!!"

"you will not talk to your BOSS LIKE THAT" as I say that, mike comes walking up saying

"thanks for the information Isabella, I will call you some time between tonight or tomorrow morning to see how everything is going. "

" thanks Dr.Mike, I will look forward to your phone call"

" your not looking forward to anything because he is not calling you! !"

" whats your problem, harry, Its not that big of a deal were talking about..."

"SHUT UP!! this is a work place, I will not have my employee's talking to each other outside of work, got IT?

" but you don't understand..."

"GOT IT I SAID" I look at Isabella and she pulls my arm and runs away. as she does that mike says " you are such an idiot, almost as stupid as when you didnt see the hint of me and your girlfriend fucking" once I hear him I want to hurt him but I remember Isabella and she is running, I have to make sure shes okay.

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