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"Jane, sweetie, will you please take out those ear buds?" my dad said.

I pulled the ear buds out slowly, so I could listen to what he had to say.

"Yes dad?"

"Today I am supposed to have a meeting with an upcoming teen singer, but I have a lot of meetings today, you know, being the manager of Teen Newz and all, so I need you to go interview him for me. Please Jane, I know you hate doing these things, but I really need your help with this. It's just one hour, plus you'll get paid."

" much will I being paid exactly?" I ask.

"$70 for going and if the article is successful, you will also receive an additional $145." my dad responded.


I really do not like going to these kind of things. Celebrities annoy the crap out of me. You always hear about how one day they're such "amazing" people and how they donate and shit. Okay, we all know you don't really use this fame for charity or whatever. Celebrities are conceited and only care about themselves. I would know about conceited celebrities. My mom was a popular singer back in her day, but then she met my dad and had me, and then she left for tours and stuff. I've never even met her before. She's never even called us. I know that it makes my dad really sad, but I don't really know what to say to him.

Am I supposed to say, "Oh don't worry dad, it will all get better soon, and she'll come visit when she can."

Well that would be a lie. He and I both know that she's never coming back. She has her own life of fame and fortune to worry about, and it's really not that big of a deal to me anyways. I've never met her and I don't WANT to meet her. She can enjoy her conceited celebrity life.

*2 hours later at interview*

I arrive at the café that I'm supposed to be meeting this celebrity at. It's supposed to make the meeting look more casual and he/she is wearing a disguise, so not even I know what I'm dealing with yet.

I buy a warm cup of green tea and sit down at a coffee table in the back where not a lot of people are. I wait for 20 minutes before a man wearing a long brown jacket and a maroon scarf walks through the doors letting a chilly breeze slip it's way through the door.

He glances around the room through his sun glasses until his face stops at me. The man walks toward me and takes a seat in front of me. He suddenly takes off his glasses and I immediately recognize his face.

"Ah, are you Jane? Sorry to keep you waiting dear," his British accent was so thick.

"Yes, and you are 20 minutes late to an interview. That does not seem very professional Mr. Styles." I cringed at saying "Mr. Styles", but that's what you have to do in interviews until you warm up.

"Please, call me Harry, darling."

The way he called my "darling" made me want to throw up.

"Can you please not call me darling um...Harry."

"Then what shall I call you, love? Angel? Doll?"

"None of the above, thanks."

Harry laughed with a small smirk on his face, "Okay then, Jane the interview lady, what are we interviewing about today?"

I reached into my folder and pulled out a sheet of paper with different questions to talk about, so I started on the easiest topic, "So Harry, are you planning on cutting your hair anytime soon, or do you plan on growing it out longer?"

"Depends on what you think love, longer or same thing or shorter?"

"Can you please just answer the question, and don't call me love."

"Okay, then will you answer my questions back?"

"What? Come on, can we just do this interview?" I asked.

"Then you HAVE to answer a question from me for each question I answer for you, okay?" Harry pouted and stuck out his bottom lip as he asked. Why does this boy have to make things so complicated for me?

"Fine, now just answer the question.

"Okay, well I think I might grow it out longer, but if it looks bad long then I'll cut it. Now my turn! So Jane, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?"

"Vanilla, now my turn, when are you planning on releasing your next song?"

"Not really sure, my manager usually sets those dates up and we haven't decided on anything since the newest album was just released 3 months ago. Do you like pets?"

"Kind of, just depends on the pet. Do you and your band ever get in fights while on tour?" I ask.

"Of course, they're like my brothers, and family always have their small issues and disagreements. What are you going to do after high school?"

"Probably go to college and get a degree in something boring, but pays bills I guess. Who is your favorite singer?"

"Why don't you do something that you really want to do instead of doing something boring?" Harry asks.

"Just answer the question Harry."

"Michael Jackson, now tell me. Why don't you do something that you really want to do?"

"It doesn't matter what I want to do, why should I get my hopes up about something impossible to achieve. Now, is it true that you had a fling with Selena Gomez?"

"But it does matter."

"Answer the question, Harry."

"Why does it not matter, Jane? Don't you want to live your dreams? You only live once, so why would you waste your life on something you don't like?"


"No Jane, you HAVE to do what you really want to do or I'm going to think about it for the rest of my life," Harry interrupts.

Why does he even care, he's a celebrity and he just needs to worry about himself. "Harry, it doesn't matter. Why do you even care, all I'm trying to do is interview you for my dad's magazine and now times up and I have to go, but we've barely gotten through anything and this article is due by Friday. My dad's going to get into a lot of trouble now."

"Then let's finish it! We can do it now or later or whenever you want!"


"Jane, please, I promise we will get this done, so we can go for dinner tonight or we can do something tomorrow or whenever you-"

"Fine. We'll meet for dinner tonight, just text the company the details and they'll forward them to me."

"Can I just have your number? It would be easier and quicker to contact you." Harry smirked while asking.

"Fine." And I typed my number into his phone.

"Pick you up at 7!" Harry waved as I walked out of the coffee shop. What a weird little popstar.

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