No time Like The Present

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   "Hey, sleeping beauty, wake up. Aren't you late for work or something like that?"

   Karkat growled quietly in his sleep as he shifted. 

   "Wakey Wakey, eggs and tuna."

   Yep, definitely a growl, he must be awake enough.

   "Yo, it's 10 A.M, even I'm awake now, and you're sleeping in the middle of my kitchen. Get up. You aren't trying to hide anything embarrassing from me, are you?"

   "You're kidding me. One of my few days off and you're standing over me insinuating I have a boner." 

   "I didn't say that, but if you do have a boner, don't be embarrassed to ask for assistance."

   "Yea, whatever." Karkat grabbed Dave's ankle and started cuddling it.

   "Whoa, I know I have nice legs, but you don't have to start down there just to get my attention."

   Karkat was suddenly startled as though he had no idea what he had been doing. "Ugh! Get that thing away from me! Just, go back to mastering your sick beats or whatever you said you're doing for a job."

   "That 'thing' was something you just grabbed and started cuddling with. Don't act like you didn't like it, I swear I heard you purr a little bit just then. Do you automatically do this shit, or do you have to work to live up to your name, Karkitty?"

   "You don't have my permission to call me that."

   "I wasn't trying to ask for your permission, but sure. I won't call you what you are."


   If I could you write you a song to make you fall in love, I'd already have you up under my arm.

   "Turn that shit down!"

   "Nah, I don't think I'll do that."

   Karkat furiously opened the door separating them. "I said turn that down---" Karkat stumbled, "Why the hell are you wearing that?"

    Dave turned around with a red cape and a shirt with a cog symbolized on the front, wearing ridiculous sunglasses, especially for the occasion of listening to his music on a computer in his room. "What does it look like? Preparing for a costume party on the outskirts of the city."

   "Why would you ever want to show up anywhere wearing such an appalling outfit?"

   "First, it's my job to, and second, these are pretty rockin' duds compared to what else is out there."

   "So you are offering up your time and dignity for the measly amount that these people could possibly pay you if you're on the high end of the market dressed up in that?"

   "Yea, it's what you do for work too, so don't be so quick to just judge me. Are you just jealous that I'm actually enjoying my time and I hardly have to work to get paid more than you do in a week for just one night of old remixes?"

   "No, I am not and never will be jealous of your work. It's humiliating and obnoxious to believe someone who is considered a respectable specimen of humankind is essentially selling themselves off for music."

   "How about you just come with me, these losers told me they wanted me to bring my own guest anyway, probably just to make sure more than three people show up."

   "I will not sell myself for your and other's amusement, and anyway, I have nothing to wear. It is a costume party, right? Wouldn't they expect me to come dressed as an alien, or a troll, or a god, or something like that?"

   "It's free entertainment, you've got nothing better to do than this and sit around in yours and my stink. You won't need anything special anyway, either, you're already such a joke to look at you won't need any costume."

   "Look, as if I would be more tempted now than before because you insulted me. I might have something that might be able to pass off as a costume."


   "I love how cute your little horns are!"

   "What are your teeth? Candy corn?"

   "I am not cute, and they are not candy corn. My teeth are far more interesting and complex than a child's candy."

   "Whoa man, I just thought your teeth were pretty cool, that's all. I wasn't trying to mock you or anything, they're just colourful."

   "Yea, whatever you say, nooksniffer."

   "What did you just call me?"

   "Forget about it, it's something my friends and I used to say."

   Oh damn, he's already blowing his chances to be enjoyed. "Hey, how's it going over here?  Now's not the time for roleplaying, Karkat. Let's leave that for later." Dave made a joking smile towards the other guests as he directed Karkat to the DJ booth.

   "Roleplaying? Later? What the fuck are you talking about?"

  "I'm keeping both of our reputations afloat and keeping others from hitting on you. You're welcome."

   "Whatever, just don't think that any of that will become truth. I'm still sleeping on your kitchen floor, as humiliating as it sounds, it is a whole lot better than what you'd want me to."


Authour's Note:

   So, I really know I messed up with the schedule, and I'm sorry about that. As in, really sorry. I wanted to keep the ideas flowing but the first week of the lapse, I didn't even have  the opportunity to think about it, then it barely crossed my mind, I admit that, I barely thought about this for a while, and then this last week, I spent most of my downtime in class thinking of plot, but I couldn't come up with anything. I guess it's possibly for the best because that way I can be more creative and flow from point to point slowly rather than sitting down and writing a perfect copy of literally every Homestuck fanfic ever. Once again, I'm sorry I kept you guys waiting when I told you to expect them sooner.

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