Chapter 9- Your the last person i'd crawl to

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I looked behind me at the clock. "Guys, we've got to get ready for this lunch thingy."

"Righto Cal." Rach walked past me ruffling my hair as she did making me smile like a douch.

"No, no I said up to my room!" Georgia laughed as Ash ran in the opposite direction of the stairs with her on his back. "Ashton it's not funny, I need to look presentable for this thing."

He stopped, "what were you gonna change into,you don't own anything but band shirts and jeans which is what your wearing," she sighed, "please, I want my beanie." He put her on the ground but kept a hand on her so she couldn't run away. Lifting his other hand to his head he took off his beanie, "hear." She snatched it off him and huffed in defeat. Rolling my eyes I jogged upstairs and to my bedroom door. I opened it and found Tilly pushed up against the wall with Luke I front of her, kissing her aggressively. "Damn Luke don't eat her." He quickly pulled away and looked at me, "what the hell dude, do you know what knocking is?"

"Yes, but it's my room so I don't have to." Luke glared at me and I smirked. Turning my attention to Tilly, "your gonna want to get ready 'cause we're all going down to the hall for lunch." She walked past me and into her room. I looked back at Luke and laughed, after a few seconds he laughed too.


When everyone was finally ready we begun to walk down to the hall. I walked behind everyone with Tilly. She was talking about something but I wasn't really listening. I was to busy thinking about my date with Ashton tomorrow. To be honest I was really nervous, I've never been on a date with someone that I actually like, so this was all new. When we got to the hall, it was full of people. We looked around for seats and found some next to some girls. I sat with Ash on my left and some random girl with blonde hair on my right. She smiled at me, "I'm Jane." I smiled back, "Georgia. Pleasure." She turned to her friends and back at me, "who's that?" One of them said, she tilted her head at Ashton.

"" I tapped ash on the leg and he looked at me, "Ash, this is Jane and her friends." He smiled, showing his dimples

"Hi. I'm Ashton." They all giggled and he faced the table again, "is he your boyfriend?" Jane asked biting her lip. I looked at Ashton and faced them, " he's ju-"

"Yeah I am." I quickly closed my mouth and looked at him.

"Oh." Jane said bluntly looking back at her food. Okay so the fact that I'm now Ashton's 'girlfriend' isn't helping with my anxiety. I stood up, "I'm just going to the bathroom." I told Ash, he nodded and I left.


Georgia stood up and walked to the doors. I turned back to my food when I felt something beside me. I turned to see the blonde girl sitting where Georgia was. She was looking at me, "hi?" I said feeling awkward.

"What is it you see in her?" The girl, Jane, rose her eyebrows.

"Georgia? don't know. She's just ya know..." I didn't want to use the word perfect because even though she is, I have a feeling that Jane wants more detail. Before I could continue my sentence I was interrupted


I raised one eyebrow at her, "yeah, something like that."

She moved closer, "I could be perfect." I looked at her as she ran her hand up my arm and behind my head. She started to lean in but I pushed her away, "what the hell are you doing?!"

"Oh come on. You know you want me. Just look, I'm blonde, I have blue eyes. I'm thin and tall, I'm tanned and I love music. What more do you want?"

"Anything but you." I retorted rather harshly.

She huffed and moved away, "fine. But don't come crawling back when she leaves you."

I rolled my eyes, "your the last person that I'd crawl to." Georgia walked back into the room and sat down.

"Are you okay?" She grabbed my hand.

"I'm better now that your here." I smiled at her.

She laughed, "your so corny." I shook my head, I actually thought that it was pretty good.

"Oh yeah, that Jane chick."


I shook my head, "bitch." She nodded but still had a confused look, "I'll tell you later." I intertwined our fingers and we continued to eat.

*40 minutes later*

We were all walking back to our room when I heard my name be called. A girl with brown hair stood behind be, "Carlie?"

She nodded, "what are you doing here?" She asked smiling.

" I'm in a band, so we came here know, learn." She giggled, "oh Carlie, this is Luke, Tilly, Michael, Cal, Mae, Rach and Georgia. Guys, this is Carlie, she was my best friend in middle school." Every one said hi. We talked a little more when a boy with black hair walked up behind her. "Hey." He said leaning down, she pecked his lips. I stood there in shock not knowing who this person was. When I first met Carlie she wasn't interested an any boy and if they would ask her out she would reject them. I felt Georgia pull on my arm, I looked down at her, "don't look so shocked." I looked back up at Carlie who smiled,

"Ash, this is my boyfriend Alex. Babe this is Ashton, he's the boy from middle school. You know, the one from the picture." Alex nodded and held out his hand, "nice to meet you." I shook his hand. "Well, babe we've got to go, your parents are coming remember." She nodded and hugged me,

"I'll see you round I guess." I nodded and she walked off with Alex.

"Carlie." She turned around, "if he hurts you, tell me and I'll deal with him, okay?" She smiled and nodded,

"Okay Ash."

When we got back to the room everyone did what they wanted. Mikey started up the PlayStation and he played with Mae, Tilly and Luke ran upstairs, Rach and Cal went out again. I didn't know what to do, I was really board. I sat at the table for a minute when I got an idea. I got up and ran into my room. I looked over at my drums in the conner of the room. I went to my draws and grabbed out my tape. I then ran into Georgia's room. I walked over to her drums and started to form letters. When I was done I stepped back to look at my work and smiled. I then dismantled the drums and covered them with a bed sheet. I ran back downstairs and watched Mikey play COD. All I could think of is Georgia's reaction. I guess I'll get to see it tomorrow night.

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