Chapter 2: Youtube

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Megan's POV

"So that's all today! If you enjoyed, please give this video a thumbs up! Bye guys!" I said all preppy like.

I turned off my camera, and started editing my newest video, Five Night's at Freddie's. The only reason I recorded it was I had just hit 1 million! I was so, so, so happy!

*time skip*

After my video rendered, I read the comments. A lot of them, as usual, said to play with BajanCanadian. I never really bothered to find out who it was but why not. I found him on YouTube quickly, him having around 3,000,000.

I watched opened one of his videos, and a soon as I heard his voice, I flipped out.

It was him.

Well fuck.

Jerome's POV

"Mitch!" I called, my voice ringing through the house.

"Whatttt?" He groaned, being a lazy butt.

"Have you ever heard of megstergames?"

"No, why?"

"Everyone's tweeting us to do a vid with her."

Mitch sighed, "How many subs?"

"1 million."

"Pull up her latest video." He mumbles, sitting up.

Mitch's POV

"Pull up her latest video." I mumble, semi-interested.

Jerome opened it, and I instantly noticed her.

Her voice.

Her laugh.

It was Megan.

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