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Tre's P.O.V.

I was still getting settled,but for the most part i was unpacked and comfy. i was in the kitchen drinking my coffee pretty bored out of my mind. i have been in town for four days and the only time i went out was to go to the store just around the corner...i need to get out and find some bar's, clubs, and friends....god i was so alone. i never felt this lonely before. i could go out and drive around looking for places i would like..maybe find a bar,grad a drink..just a place to hang out. and maybe meet someone.i finished my coffee and jumped in the shower. figured i may as well look nice. i got out brushed my teeth and dressed in my black skinnys and grey Ramonas shirt with my chucks,slicked my hair up in to my fauox halk. then i stopped and looked in the mirror...."eye liner or no eye liner?" i ask myself. i tapped on the sink thinking and decied "eye liner it is" i put it on in a smuggie look "much better " i smiled to myself. "and now" i said still speaking to myself..."some college" satisfied with myself i grabbed my keys,wallet and cell phone.i locked my door and got in my car. i took off just driving down random streets i didnt know my way around so why not? i drove around for a half hour and finally found a place of interest....A record store!

I walked in and looked around i found alot of records there from a my favorite band's.The Who,The Ramonas,Beatles,Ozzy,AC/DC ect...."can i help you?" a man with blood shot eyes ask with a goofy smile." i think im good.just looking." he just kept smiling.HE WAS DEFINITELY STONED! i just kept walking around looking. i found a few recrds i didnt already own and decied to buy them."great choce's my friend" "thanks" i said as he kept smiling. finally after he got them all rang up and put in a bag "your total today is $23.67" i handed him my charge card, he smiled that now creepy stoned smile at me as the receipt printed. "here you go,enjoy your records" i nodded now creeped out but that smile i just wanted to get away. i walked out the door fast but then i noticed something.....A wanted poster. not just any wanted poster though! a band looking for a drummer!  i quikley started typing te number into my cell phone!    Then the most crazy thing happend! the number showed up as the number from the guy who was driving like a pycho! BILLIE JOE! my heart fluttered... well i know what to do now. im going to try outs! what better way to surprise him them show up as a drummer looking for a place in a band!?

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