Chapter 12 : IT

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~Sally's POV~

"Have you guys met our guests?" I asked as I sat down across from the two love birds

"uh...yah I heard about them from Jeff earlier" Jane replied taking a bite of her pasta

"Ugh! seriously!? pasta again!? I'm so tired of italian!! can we eat chicken or mashed potatoes or a hamburger!?" Ben complained banging his head on the dining room table multiple times

"Well...if you don't want to eat it you don't have to!" I spat at him 

"Ugh! I will but just because I'm hungry that's it!" he said as he continued rambling about his food

"So...anyway I think they're good guys don't you think?" I asked continuing my interrupted conversation with Jane

"Well..yah I guess so...but that chick Clockwork! I think she's bad news.."

"Why do you say that?" I asked

"I don't know I just have this kind of feeling if someone's good or bad..."

"Ohh..okay" I replied 

 ~Hoodie's POV~

I rushed back to the three idiots that I left behind hoping that they're not harmed

"Toby, Masky, Clockworkare you guys okay!? bark once if you're dying!" I yelled to nothing in particular

"Yeah we're alive faggot!" Clockwork said sending daggers my way 

"Well, I'm sorry I just got a little worried.."I mumbled

"You!? worried? what happened!?" Masky and Toby asked in unison

"I saw IT!" I whispered

"You saw IT!?" the trio gasped dramatically looking at each other back in forth in disbelief 

"Yes...and you guys know what we have to do right!?" I asked, and they all nodded in response looking at each other in disbelief again

"We have to betray Slenderman.."Toby said breaking the silence that was surrounding us and making our heads snap to his direction, still no response from any of us except for a little nod

>Ben's POV<

"Give it to me Ben!!" Sally screeched into my ear like a banshee 

"Fine, fine-but first the password .." I said with a grin plastered on my face 

"The-the password!?" her voice rose an octave higher 

"Yup" I said patting my cheek gently

"Fi-fine!" she said reluctantly as the blush started to creep up her cheeks giving them a pink rosy color and pecked my cheek and quickly snatched her book away from my hand and quickly tried to run away from me but before she can go through the door I grabbed both her arms and pinned her on the door shutting it close 

"Be-Ben le-let go" she said turning her head to the side and tried pushing me with all her might but I was stronger than her. I smirked smugly looking down at her and started to lean in just to my surprise she reached for my lips 

"Ben-let me go" she demanded again but a little weaker this time 

"Nope" I replied and started to leave a trail of kisses fom her neck down to her should--


BEN: Awwwwww goddamnit! well can you just do some time skip then!?"

AUTHOR: *heavy sigh* Fine....sorry readers I can't ruin the PG-13ish of this book

BEN:  GODDAMNIT AUTHOR!! why you do dat!?

AUTHOR: GAWD SHATTUP BEN!!--no one likes you

BEN: LIES!!!!! EVERYONE LIKES ME!!!!! RIGHT READERSSS!!! *starts yelling like a crazy person...*


~~Time Skip~~

"Ben it's time for breakfast!!" Slenderman said knocking on my door loudly "Do you know where Sally is!?" he asked through the door 

"Ummm yea----no..nope, nope, nope...I have not seen her since dinner sorry" I replied lying through my teeth 

"Ohh...okay if you see her tell her that breakfast is getting cold" he said as I hear his footsteps retreating away from my door 

"Wake up Sally" I said shaking the browned haired beauty next to me "breakfast is ready"

"Mmmmm..break-breakfast!?" she yawned "Ooooo! BREAKFAST!! let's go I'm hungry!!" she said jumping off the bed dragging me to the door but I stopped her before any more damage could happen

"Don't we have to change first?" I asked making big hand gestures

"Ummm--yeah ofcourse" she said as blood rushed to her cheeks 

As we came downstairs I felt a disturbing aura around the house

"Sally do you feel that?" I asked looking at her

"Feel what!?" she asked connecting her hand with mine 

"Hmmmm...nothing"I answered not wanting to concern her even more, but something was enveloping the house, something bad and I can feel it, I'll have to talk about this with Slendie later

~~Time Skip~~

"Slendie can I come in?" I asked knocking at the big wooden door "I have to tell you something"

After hearing a heavy sigh the doors opened on their own revealing slenderman sitting down on his lounging chair peacefully and pointed at the seat oppsite of his 

"Yes Ben?" he asked 

"Umm...Have you fely the aura that was surrounding the house this morning?" I asked fidgeting 

"Yes, actually I have..." he said leaving a long pause "Listen ben something really really bad is going to happen very soon you have to prepare yourself" he said casually brushing off the problem like its a mere speck of dust

"Aren't-aren't you going to do anything about this?" I asked frantically bolting up my chair 

"Ben, my powers are you have to be Sally and Jeff's protector when--when I can't be"


"No...Ben this is the end of discussion! have to learn how to fend for yourselves when the time comes!!" he said shoving me out of the door and into the hallway

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