Talia's POV

Austin and Robert come back, along with Rocco and Michelle & they all sit down. We all talk and we let Austin relax a bit.

Everyone leaves the room to give Austin & I some alone time, and we talk and have fun.

After a while though, there is a knock on the door and Austin yells, "Yeah?!"

"Talia, we're leaving now. Please come out." I hear Mike say.

"Okay!" I yell.

"What?" Austin asks me confused.

"I'm going to walk around with Mike and Zach, and help them find people to give Golden Tickets to." I say to him smiling.

"Oh okay." Austin says smiling.

He kisses me softly then I get up & walk towards the door.

"I'll see you in a little bit babe." Austin says.

"Bye Austin" I say, then I open the door and walk out.

I find Mike and Zach standing by a table a little bit down the hallway. I walk towards them and Zach asks me "Ready?"

"Lets go." I say smiling.

Zach and I walk next to each other and we follow Mike out to the seats. There are a lot of people here, wow.

We look around and we find a couple people to give Golden Tickets to, and then Shawn comes on stage so everyone screams. We continue walking around while he performs, and we find more people to give Golden Tickets to.

After Shawn finishes performing, Mike said he was going to quickly go talk to the sound-guy or something, so Zach and I just stand in the one place & we wait. While we're waiting, Fifth Harmony comes on and we watch them. I sing and dance along to their songs & Zach laughs at me. I hit his arm and he looks at me like 'what did you do that for', and I stick my tongue out at him.

I feel someone touch my shoulder and I turn to see Mike.

"Ready?" He yells over the music.

Zach and I both nod, and then we make our way backstage.

We all meet up with everyone else, but Austin's not there. I ask Michelle and she says that he wants to be alone for a bit before we do the group prayer, and she says that he always does this. I talk with Michelle and the guys, and after a while, Austin comes out of his dressing room & he walks over to us.

Austin stands next to me and then we all form a circle, putting our arms around each other. Austin puts his arm around my waist and we start the group prayer.

After we finish, Austin starts walking towards the stage, pulling me along behind him.

He puts his mic on and the box he hooks onto the back of his pants.

"Good luck Austin." I say smiling.

"Thanks babe. I'll see you when I'm done." He says smiling.

"Okay. Bye Austin." I say smiling.

I lean up on my tiptoes and I kiss his cheek, then he walks away from me to where he has to be. I walk the other way and I meet up with the guys. I stand with them side stage & we wait for Austin to go on.

The music starts and Austin walks out from behind the doors, everyone screams & I watch Austin look around at everybody and he smiles.

Austin starts performing Banga! Banga! and I dance & sing along to it.

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