The Martyrs

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"ELYSE!" After the shout came a barrage of door-jarring knocks on the thick wooden door.

The moment her name was called, Elyse froze at her desk and halted her breathing. Maybe they would just go away if they thought she was gone. Whatever it was could not be that important.

"Elyse, don't try to hide," a deeper, throaty voice called out. "We heard you hammering stuff."

She leant her head back with a sigh, pushing her goggles onto her forehead, and got up to unlock the door. The jig was up. Whatever they wanted her to do, she had to do it. What could it be? Nothing urgent, or else they would be pounding and screaming for her to leave the room. She guessed a menial task topped with something to do with Pixis.

Standing in front of her were her devout soldiers. Liam Monahan, an all around average boy, was a twiggy, fresh-faced soldier with a head of thick ginger hair and the brightest green eyes the world has ever seen. Towering over him was Oleg Hausler, the squadron's powerhouse, with the strength to haul carts that even oxen struggled with and the compassion of a saint.

"Alright, you've got me. Now what's so important?" She crossed her arms.

"They found out what they're going to do with refugees," Liam said.

"Oh?" Her brows shot up. "That only took them...what? A month and a half?"

"But the plans aren't going to be set in motion until a while yet," Oleg added.

"And here I thought I'd be the last happy memory they had." She looked back and forth between the both of them. "Though, did this really call for you banging at my door like the Gestapo?"

"They were your plans. We thought you would like to know."

"I can't for the life of me even remember what I suggested, but it's certainly nothing you should be this excited to announce." She tapped her chin in thought. "I wonder what it was..."

Oleg grinned, showing off his large canines. "It doesn't matter. We can always count on you to think of something in these dire times and set things straight."

Elyse thought about what had happened at the meeting a few weeks back. "Ah!" It hit her. "It's not possible that they're choosing my idea."

Liam cocked a brow. "Why not? You're the one who usually gets chosen by Commander Pixis to speak. You're one of the best at thinking about the future."

"And outside of the box," Oleg added.

"They just probably don't like the fact that they actually have to do something," Liam said with a raised finger.

"That's not it." Elyse sighed. "If they chose to go with my plan, that means we really ran out of options."

Oleg raised his brow, becoming curious. "What...did you suggest?"

Elyse looked at the two of them, eyes focused on both their faces. Up until now, she had been so carefree and cheerful. The situation never called for her to be serious. How would their faces change when they realize their captain would not hesitate to kill off humanity? "I said that we should kill off all the refugees."

Time seemed to stop as the two of her longest lasting squad members stared back at her in disbelief and horror. They knew their captain never had the most popular ideas, but for anyone to suggest...that, it was a miracle that the higher-ups let her go without charging her with threats against humanity.

"Wh-Wh..." Liam struggled to form words with his trembling jaw. "You mean...with your own cold blood?"

"Did someone suggest what you were thinking of before you were able to say something?" Oleg asked hopefully. "That happened to me before..."

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