Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter 13

The closer we got to the house, the more and more my stomach flipped.

You’re going to ruin this whole thing. You’re too shy anyway, even if you are in the wedding, no one will notice you.

Apparently, my nervousness was noticeable because Brendon looked over at me with worry.

“They’re nice people, I promise.” He said, nodding his head. I replied with a small nervous smile and continued to walk up the front steps of the large Spanish-styled home.

Once we reached the door, Brendon knocked loudly, causing the loud screeching to be replaced with a high pitched squeal. The door jerked open and Brendon was roughly pulled inside by what looked like a manicured hand.

“Brenny! I missed you so much!” A nasally sounding voice said loudly, making me smile at the nickname.

“It’s only been three weeks,” I heard Brendon mumble.

They separated from their embrace, making Brendon stumble back. He looked at me, most likely re-noticing my nervous expression, then wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer to the door.

Who are you?” The high pitched voice asked. I looked away from Brendon to the person standing in the doorway. A tall girl with short, dark brown hair stood there, scowling at me. She was wearing a tight pink tank top with gym shorts. She had bright blue eye shadow and black everlasting eye lashes that were most likely fake.

“I-umm,” I began, but was cut short when another tall figure came up behind the girl.

“Brendon! It’s been forever!” A soft voice drifted past the girl and hit me in the ears like a gust of wind.

“Ryan! Bro, it’s only been three weeks,” Brendon said for the second time today. ‘Ryan’ pushed the girl out of the way and stepped into the doorway. They hugged and I could see a distinct difference in the way they hugged verses in the way that Brendon hugged Spencer. This hug was more of an embrace, the kind you would give someone very close to you. Like a mother, or sibling.

“I’m leaving.” I heard the girl say, then heard the sound of flip-flops and a slamming door.  

They separated and both turned to look at me.

“Ryan, this is Ivy.” Brendon said gesturing to me.

Again with the Ivy thing? I thought my name was Sarah Ivory?

“Oh,” Ryan said, grabbing my hand and bringing it up to his lips.

He kissed my hand and looked me deeply in the eyes, making me blush and turn away. It felt like gallons of blood were rushing to my face as I looked back at Ryan.

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