chapter 2

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~Tyler pov ~

it was time to wake up and get ready for school I didnt like geting up at 7am I rolled side ways trying to go back to sleep but I cant be late on my first day of a new school so I got up put a blue button up shirt on and some black skinny jeans it was about

7.30 when I looked at the clock school starts at 8 so I went down stairs to get breakfast I had my phone with me just in cause I got the Music store job and they called me

but that was unlikely seeing that boy Troye  hes was just the person who looked more in too music than me He look like a boy that just had more experience with people and music and his big blue eyes could probably just sell the hole store if he wanted to

I went out to my car and got it started I played around with the radio station and my favorite song was on Problem by Ariana grande  I loved this it was life but once I got close to school I turned down the radio so nobody could hear what I was listening to

I parked my car and headed for the door it was a small school my other school had 3 floors to it this one only had 2   thats why it seemed so small to me  im a sophomore this year and cant wait to just get out of high school all ready I got inside the school and walked up stairs to go get my schedule they had everyone get in line  "Name" ?

Tyler oakley  i smiled

"we dont have your name here your gonna have to go to the office and they will have your  schedule there and print it out for you " Ok thanks I said and walked down staris to the office there was a long line for people to get there schedules or to change there schedules

its been an hour all ready its 9 o clock and im still in line and  second period is starting I grap my phone and im scrolling threw tumblr we'll I wait for this line

I Finnaly get inside the office and I go to this tiny office with a teacher "Hi go head and sit" she smiled I smiled back

"so whats your name"

" Tyler Oakley" " ok tyler let me print out your schedule for you and we will talk over it sound good" ? ."yea that sound good" I smile

she walks off and once she opened the door I can see a face I saw last night it was troye Troye goes here ! my heart started beating really fast I thought he was really cute but I never new I whould see him again  I didnt want to start having crushes on Boys who where straight again cause my heart all ways got broken I tryed looking away but he was just sitting in the lobby on a chair he looked sad but his sad face looked adorable

*snap out of it tyler stop hes straight

ughh right *

"Tyler"!!? I hear outside the lobby  I standed up and pecked out the office hopeing Troye won't look but mrs harris was coming back

I seen her Name on her Name tag she was wereing I sat down and right when she came in I saw Troye look up and stare at me right in my eyes his eyes wided and I saw him stand up and go outside the office  ..where did he Go ?

I was thinking so much about troye I couldn't hear the teacher saying my name "TYLER" !?!?

"oh yes sorry"?

" is something wrong"?

" oh no I just saw umm a friend" (a friend ? he wasn't a friend he was more like a person I meet for 1 day and now im crushing on his big blue eyes )

"so Tyler you like your schedule"

"yea my schedule looks great"

but really I didnt care I just wanted to go bump in to Troye  somehow  with out it looking like im  stalking him

I headed  to my 3rd period class  and it was really quite when I walked in .the teacher said that where were going to the library so we all got up and headed to the library  I was the first one there the school wasn't hard to figure out I was looking for a book to read I was looking for 13 reasons why by Jay I was right next to a closet and I could hear sniff like somebody was crying  "..umm hello" ? I whispered

"go away" they whispered "I know you probably dont want anybody here but I can help you"

  "No" they said  "are you sure"??

"yess Go away"

ok im going than * I fake stomped away *

"you're still there I know thats fake walking away"

"man your good how did you  know"  I said

"its really easy"

they started laughing

who ever was laughing behind there there laugh was adorable maybe now I would get over that Troye boy at the music store

they where going to open the door so I  could see who was crying 

* they unlocked the door and slowly opened  it *

as soon as I saw who came out of the closet my eyes wide and staring in to his Blue eyes


"Oh my god Tyler" ..... he said like he was scared

"umm i have to go" he said

"no no tell whats wrong"

"I dont I cant tell you  I have to go to class bye"

he was running away but he droped something it looked like a gift card it said Troye sivan on it hmm sivan that's cute hmmm Tyler sivan hmm .. (Tyler stop no straight remember ) it was time to go to next period so I walked out of the library on to forth period

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