Chapter 1

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        "TRROOYYYYYEEEEE!!!!",Tyler screamed. My eyes bolted open. Oh, the plane had just landed. We had just gotten back from Summer In The City and landed in L.A. We where gonna spend a couple days with Connor and the O2L boys since Connor had just moved in and a lot of shit was happening we thought we'd just hang out. I got up and walked out of the plane holding Tyler's hand. But we would have to quit being so obvious when we got there. We hadn't told any one about us yet, we've been keeping it a secret for 2 weeks now. But I we weren't ready to tell them. We stepped into the airport and got our bags. As we were walking to the taxi waiting for us I stole a kiss from atayler causing his face to turn about the shade of a firetruck. It was so cute when he did that.

      "What was that for?" He said with his voice getting more high-pitched as the question went on.

      "Ohh.. nothing." I said adding a wink at the end. We hopped in the taxi and he took us to Connor's. When we arrived I ran to his door step and knocked on the door like a two year old. Shortly after he opened it and hugged me. Ricky ,who was sitting on the couch, shouted,"TRONNOR!" Tyler stepped in after that. Tyler had always been the jealous type but it was cute on him. After Tyler had greeted Connor witha hug we all walked in and sat on th couch. I made sure to grab a seat next to Tyler. I was pleased ro see all the O2L boys were already there.

"So Condabon, anything cool about your new house?" Asked Tyler.

He sat there for a moment and then his eyes filled with life.

"Okay so, there's this creepy old house at the other side of the hill and everybody says it's haunted. Apparently some guy got murdered there in the 1800s." Sam suddendly looked intrested.

"LET'S SLEEP THERE!" He said full of excitement. I smiled a little, that was so like Sam wanting to do something like that.

"I'm down." Kian said very calmly. We all kind of silently agreed expect for Tyler.

"Don't you think that's kind of a shitty place to sleep." Tyler tried to play it off put I could see right through him.

"Hey Tyler, you wanna talk in the kitchen?" I said grabbing his forearm.

Tyler glanced back at the crownd "Ummm.. Sure." I shut the door once I got Ty in.

I smriked at him a little."Are you scared, Tilly?"

"WHAT?! NO!", Tyler said painfully obvious he was lying. I glared at him, "Okay yes." He said in defeat.

I smiled."AW it's okay I'll pretect you, Tilly!" I said grabbing him hips and pulling him into a kiss.

"Okay. Only if you protect me." He waited a beat,"Big Daddy!" And then he laughed his glorious laugh. And I couldn't help but smile a bit. I dragged him out of the kitchen and said,"Come on guys! Start packing an over night bag, you lazy fucks." And I could see the joy in there eyes.

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